Tactics of the Crescent Moon

This book has proved to be a very readable modern take on contemporary Muslim/Arab tactics, and the responses that are best suited to them. It is strengthened greatly by its historical approach, and Marine Gunnery Sgt Poole’s excellent and generally accessible presentation of what could be a very jargon heavy, civilian unfriendly text. Also, it is up to date, including a lot of very recent data from OIF 1, and a very prescient set of predictions for what’s going on now.

Does it have some problems? Sure. Laughable formatting, including Corel (!) clipart for some of the graphics. Occasionally poor editing. But the structure of the book is very sound, as is the content.

Check it out

I totally thought this was going to be about a new Square game.

I was guessing the new Malazan book.

what a tease. :?

I also thought it was going to be a Square game, but the book looks interesting. Does the author have any ideas about dealing with things like roadside bombs?

At the point I’m at its still a general tactical and strategic survey of (succesful) Muslim warriors, particularly at the small unit level. From skimming ahead, IED’s are perceived as a consequence of tactical and strategic failures (addressed in depth) that permit them to be placed with such great effect. That, and the absence of a focus on observational training in the modern US military, aside from special units like reconnaisance, which the author suggests as inexpensive and brief short term improvements.