Tactics Ogre for GBA

I don’t think that Gameboy Advance games are verboten on this message board. Hope not!

If anyone out there has been playing Tactics Ogre, I’d be interested in chatting about it, and I also have a few questions. It’s a complex game, and very fun.

My first question involves the name… Tactics Ogre. Is that a translation from Japanese? Did the name make more sense in Japanese, if so? Was the title created by randomly associating two words that gamers might respond viscerally to?

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I thought I did log in.

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When I first saw that name, I had grand visions of the old hex-based futuristic tank game from my teen years.

Alas, I shoulda known better…

Yeah I’m about half way through tactics ogre. It’s a good game if you like it you should also try final fantasy tactics for the playstation might also want to look into vandalhearts/ suikudon? Not sure if I like how your place on the zodiak affects damage/defense the ogre games have always been filled with alot of wierd mechanics though.

Tactics Ogre is a prequel to the Ogre Battle series of games for the SNES and N64. Whereas the Ogre Battle games are larger-scale strategy wargames with very slow real-time movement across large maps, the Tactics versions of the games are smaller map, turn-based squad-based focused games.

Thus, the tactical version of the game for GBA is Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis. “The Knight of Lodis” is the differentiating subtitle over other Tactics Ogre games.

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Boy, it certainly wouldn’t be the first time, now, would it? :D Remember, Crazy Taxi was something of a watershed in the naming of Japanese games, in that it actually described the game pretty accurately…

Tactics Ogre is a sort of mistranslation, or at least a vague misappropriation of the word “ogre” by the original creator.

There are several words that can be translated as “ogre,” including “oni” and even “kami” - words that are often associated with spirits. The Japanese “ogre” is a violent ethereal entity, often symbolizing war or destruction. The creator of the Ogre Battle series, Yasumi Matsuno, stated in an ancient interview that he wanted “players to think of the spirit of war, of the violence and change that an ‘ogre’ heralds”.

Tactics Ogre (SNES, PSX) also has an Ogre enemy type in the lower levels of the Undead Palace, and they appear as nearly indestructable armored warriors. BTW, the SNES/PS Tactics Ogre is vastly superior to the GBA one, although it’s also vastly harder and mandates regular training episodes. Great branching story, though, and uses an agility-based unit turn queue system rather than the simplistic alternating sides approach of the GBA game.

I appreciate the enlightening response! This, along with the other writer who pointed out that this “Ogre” game particularly focuses on tactics, and not slow-moving strategy, totally puts the issue of the name to bed.

Well, I don’t mind “harder”, but I do mind the training. I’m happy not to have to engage in training sessions against myself. I can’t imagine the joy in playing myself at a game. I like the idea of agility-based turns, though.

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I played the game for about 30 hours until I was suddenly asked to split my army in two for simultaneous battles. Up to that point, I’d only nurtured along maybe 9 or 10 characters, so I was ill prepared.

I started entirely over, and now I have about 20 characters which I’m using as regularly as I can.

I wonder what any of you do in this regard. About how many characters do you attempt to ‘bring along’ like this?

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