Tactics Ogre Reborn - November 11 (PS4/PS5/Swtich/Steam)

Yep, it’s a bit of a pain. I don’t remember if it’s certain lizards or faeries that also have the ability to recruit lizards, but I had an easier time getting my second lizard that way. I feel better about my Juggernaut lizard after the last couple of battles he’s been in. He hits hard.

My new annoying recruiting with a caster thing is trying to recruit undead with my necromancer. Not sure if I’ll ever use them or the Necro but I still very much treat this game like Pokemon and can’t stand to not recruit unit types I don’t have.

I don’t have a golem yet. I got a warlock and added the skill. I played a static mission (ch 3 end) with a golem. Even at very low HP i could not recruit it. (0% chance) The targets didn’t have any debuffs on it. Maybe you can’t recruit the ones in static missions.

The game certainly doesn’t like to communicate why you can’t recruit something. So maybe it’s not allowed for that mission or maybe it was some other reason. The mission I got mine there were turns where it said one of the golems wasn’t recruitable at all but then other turns it would be. My suspicion is in that case there was a status effect that was changing it but I don’t know which one.

I’m still enjoying the game but the combats are starting to feel repetitive. Just made it to chapter 4, still w/o an incap. Not sure how much longer I’ll keep that up.

How much is everyone trying to keep named characters alive. I just had mt White Knight die and thinking I do not want to do it over.

Chariot Tarot it!

I’m starting to wonder what the downside to fielding an undead army is. Limited class options? Troops that don’t need to be resurrected manually seems really nice. Would have to watch out for an enemy with exorcise, but how often do they have that?

Thanks, this was an upgrade. Cast range is one less, but it prevents enemy from retaliating, and does not break if you damage the enemy.

My Faerie Familiar uses the petridart blowgun. It’s really nice when she’s out of mana that she still can have a decent chance to petrify an enemy. Basically means she won’t have a down turn as long as she has enough HP to be in range.

I lost a guest named character, but not any ones that I control. I just went with it.

I lost two named characters and it was tough, especially since any named characters you lose alter the story in some ways, some big and small, even just by virtue of their dialog not being in story beats.

One thing I will warn you, the two you are talking about (the White Knights), one of them is required for the post game content. Which one do you still have?

Like, the game just ends and says “fuck you” if that character isn’t still alive?

Scott’s point about the losing post game content seems like the biggest concern. But that aside, these named characters have lower base RT. And in tough fights, that’s a very big deal. So the more difficult you are finding the game, the more I would be concerned about losing such units.

Can anyone explain to me how this guest game mechanic is supposed to be fun for the player?

There is a scene that will trigger but only if Canopus and Gildas are in your army, Gildas being one of the White Knights.

That’s the part I’m at, the first episode of CODA (post-game quests) involves the Songstress, it unlocks after you beat the game (Chapter 4). Without Gildas you can’t do it, BUT after you beat the game you should be able to transport to where he joins and let them join again, in theory (I have not done this yet). I need to get Vyce back, he died for me and I see he’s needed for Chapter 4 of the CODA. Oops. Hopefully it works to go back to when those characters first joined to let them rejoin without issue, for both our sakes!

I didn’t have any problems with guests - they are a LOT smarter than they were in the PSP version - but one tip is to take Canopus and strip him of armor so he acts more often AND is a jucier target for the enemy. Load him up with healing items and run him as close to the guest as you can to take pressure of them. (I didn’t try this, I just read about it, and it seemed a solid strategy).

But I don’t get how it’s supposed to be fun for the player?

Oh, I’m not far in and just had Vyce pack it in based on my decision. Does he show back up later with an option to patch things up? Can’t say I’m missing him, all his dialogue up to now he was an obnoxious douche.

I don’t know how to answer that. I certainly had fun with the challenge of saving a guest character. I guess YMMV.

Yeah, I’m not that in love with it. In a game very much about tactics, so much so they stuck it in the name, I’ve got multiple folks who are rogue doing whatever they want, which usually entails trying pretty hard to get themselves dead.

Me too. I’m making a forest run to try to level up some characters to attempt to redo the story mission I’m at specifically to try to keep a (I assume recruitable after the mission) guest from dying.

Somewhat unfortunately, yes. Although so far he’s less of obnoxious now?

Are you talking about like when Vyce and Cautia are in your party early on doing their thing? They can’t die - they just spirtshift out of the battle when they would otherwise or get low on health. Ignore them and focus on the objective.