Tag Clouds

Not sure if this is the right forum for this, but why do I want to see tag clouds? That seems to be a new trend on websites, to show me all the tags they use to attract traffic. Why do I care?

Typically the bigger the font, the more posts associated with the tag. It’s a visual representation of the kinds of content the author writes about. For example, if Qt3 had a cloud for Everything Else forum, you would see a gigantic SHIT BONERZ tag (and little else). This would help you determine if you wanted to subscribe to EE.

We use them to show you things tagged by that user that you can click to see all of at once. Sort of like a 1-click search. So if you’re at GDC, and you tag your videos GDC, there will be a GDC tag in your tag cloud; clicking it would take someone to all of your GDC vids.