Tagging/sharing videos?

My family is putting together a video scrapbookish thing incorporating old family movies, pictures and so forth. We’ve got a lot of big, old clips which we’re splitting, segmenting, and reassembling. That part’s not a problem; some of us (cough) are using VirtualdubMod and others Windows Movie Maker. I’m pushing to use something like Pinnacle to hopefully speed the process a bit.

The problem we’re having is twofold: coordination and content management. Can you recommend any products or sites which, ideally, allow us to:

[li]See all our video clips in some abstract organization. I figure this might be something like Picasa. This would be original videos, intermediate products, final products, and whatever byproducts pop out. Ideally browsable with leading frames, durations and so forth.[/li][li]Search/browse the video content in some meaningful way. I think tags would work well for this, where we could add freehand labels/categories to each video to track people, events, and so forth.[/li][/ol]

If this is web-accessible, that’d be perfect. These aren’t large files, but there’s an ever-increasing number. Not every participant groks FTP, which would at least allow an old-school file centralization repository, and no one wants to hand-maintain a separate spreadsheet of files vs tags vs locations. I don’t want the intermediate stuff to be publically accessible and I don’t want to be forced into some format like FLV.

Any ideas?


“These aren’t large files”

Well, it’s video…can you define the scale? As in, 100’s of MB, several GB, tens of GB?

Couple hundred meg apiece max. Nothing larger than 400MB off the top of my head.

Local, offline storage isn’t a problem. If we go the local storage route, our projects will be partitioned, which will introduce some sync problems, but we can work around that.

The two problems I see with offline storage are that the tagging issue remains and that, in the event that files are exchanged, the associated tags need to stay with them.

Yea, most of the solutions which come to mind, offhand, don’t have a suitable front end.

I’ll think about it :)