Taika Waititi's Time Bandits (Apple TV+)

I tuned out as soon as Lisa Kudrow said, “We’re the Time Bandits…”

That looks kind of fun, though it does seem to be hitting a lot of the same beats as the original movie. You know, pirates, a giant in the ocean, God (who seems to be Taika Waititi now) trying to prevent Ultimate Evil (who seems to be Jemaine Clement now) from taking over all of creation. But what the heck, I loved the movie and I’d be down for another one. Assuming I ever decide to cough up for Apple TV. I do hope this shows us what happened to Kevin though, I always felt bad that he was left alone in the movie after his parents to decided to touch the concentrated evil!

If the trailer is any guide, they are casting little people, who appear to be working for the Supreme Being. Just like Randall, Fidgit, Strutter, et al were in the original film. Before they stole the map, that is.

And I get what you’re saying, and I appreciate that Gilliam fought to keep actors like the amazing David Rappaport in his original film.

That being said – and I’m not a major expert on this, but just going from what I’ve read from other actors like Peter Dinklage – there’s a bit of a double-edged sword to it, too. Little people in show business are very much aware that the casting opportunities available to them occur largely in fantasy or sci fi settings, and not reality based properties. Which, I think you can totally see that frustration too. I guess, if you’re an actor you want to/need to work, but it’s gotta feel in some ways like the dilemma of actors of color, too back in the day (and too often, the present) – all the roles are playing to a stereotype.

Yeah, weird take. So many of the same story beats, but the Time Bandits aren’t the little people.

Just from the trailer, it sounds like Kudro is really phoning it in, but I’ll give it a chance and see if I’m wrong.

Also worth noting that it was Rappaport’s suicide and the death of Jack Purvis that caused Gilliam to scrap his plans to do a sequel in the 1990s to the original. He couldn’t imagine recasting them or doing the film without them – the whole group of Bandits in the original were so good together. You can imagine Waititi thinking he didn’t want the 1:1 comparisons.

I loved the original as a kid. I will watch this one as I have Apple TV, but I’ll take it as an homage to the original movie’s weird vibe and not as a serious attempt at a remake. You can’t truly remake/recreate something so unique and classic as the original Time Bandits.

As an aside, how much money do you think the B-52’s have made off of “Roam” just from movie trailers and soundtracks? I swear it seems like every time there is a comedy movie that features adventure, travel, romance, etc. the trailer is set to “Roam”.

There is an alternate universe where Kate Pierson and Cindy Wilson are the main lead vocal sources for the B-52s where they are way less quirky and interesting and fun than with Fred Schneider at the helm, but sell a shitload more records.

Wow. Hard pass (I mean I’ll hate watch it naturally). The original, which I saw in theaters was such a unique and awesome experience. Loved it. Time Bandits had an amazing cast, genuinely disturbing moments and was fraught with danger, humor and heart. I have a framed replica of the map. This looks like something Amazon Prime would’ve put out year one of their original programming.

Never seen the original, but this looks like fun! I’ll be there day one.

I like Kudrow in interviews, and she seems to back some interesting projects, but her range seems to be… limited. She apparently has only two ways of delivering lines – ironically ditzy, or sarcastically cruel. In either situation, she tends to have a flat, “phoning it in” aspect to her voice.

I think Kudrow got typecast by Friends and she’s only been offered parts that basically ask her to repeat the Phoebe character. The same ditzy but also casually cruel clipped responses with eye rolling and smirks. The few times I’ve seen her in a dramatic role, I’ve really liked her and wished she’d do more of that, but I guess it’s a lot easier to just play the same character forever and collect a check.

My argument against that would be that the parts that she has written for herself (Web Therapy, The Comeback) also seem to be the same type of character. Now, type-casting goes deep, so it’s possible that producers were only willing to fund those shows if she stuck to a narrow path…

Anyway, I still like Kudrow, and I’d be very happy to watch a dimension-hopping Phoebe/Ursula.