Tainted Grail: Conquest, Wyrdness galore

This finally went live and… it’s really good.

Basically a Slay the Spire kind of game with 9 classes and a really neat story.
Rogue-lite progression stuff in a village you build, but even without any upgrades you can get pretty far.
My 2nd run I was doing really well until I hit an event that I should’ve seen coming (when they say junk they mean junk).

Anyway. Found it odd there is no thread and I’m enjoying the heck out of this, so I figured I’d start on.

I’ve got it in my library but haven’t had time for it yet. But I’ve heard good things about it as well, and I’m glad to hear your experience with it is similar so far.

Sounds like my jam! Installing now.

Can’t help thinking this.

There’s a lot of Slay the Spire in this, gameplay wise. Seems solid, and the higher production values in the VO and the presentation are certainly nice in the indie roguelite space.

Not sure I am feeling the grim darkness, to be honest. It’s unrelentingly bleak in tone, and like 2020 wasn’t that long ago, you know?

Oh, I saw a video on this earlier, and it’s on my wishlist.

I’ve played enough to unlock the 2nd class (Summoner) and it plays quite differently from the first guy, who is a melee… uh, smash face type of guy. Really enjoying the game so far. Production quality is top notch (which wouldn’t save it if the game was bad but it does add to the experience when the game is good!)

I’m not a fan of the bleakness of it or the moving around a 3D space aspects, but one thing they really seem to have nailed from the videos I have seen is uniqueness of the different classes.

This game is incredible.

Been watching more gameplay of this and I think it’s growing on me.

So I picked this up, tried it, played the tutorial battle, and as the game was loading to what I expect was the main map, it crashed.

I enjoyed what I sampled thus far, but I’m wondering how stable this is. Any comments?

I wonder when it Fall of Avalon is going to see release this year as the steam page says

I played this for a few hours and no issues. My machine is on the low side.

Windows 10 Pro.
Ryzen 2700
16 GB

Great game so far, and it’s not afraid to hold back. Died in the tutorial lol. Then died against the first boss (I played him in my second battle by accident). Then died against the Harvester of Soul (I learn to stay the f away from him). Then died against the Harvester of Soul against because I thought I had a plan. I did, it just wasn’t a good one.

Apparently they didn’t swing into full-scale development on this until they took Conquest out of EA, so though they still officially say 2021, that seems incredibly optimistic given what they’ll need to do to make a digital version of the boardgame happen.

An app crashed? Yikes, must be completely broken! :)

I would say if it crashes many times, you have an issue and should update drivers and/or verify Steam data files for the game. If it just crashed once, don’t worry about it. No crashes here.

I understand that, though my impression was that they aren’t making a straight boardgame conversion and that, effectively, all the mechanics from Conquest will be used in Fall. Depending on how much overlap there is, it’s possible the biggest part will be adding content, much of which is already written. But I didn’t even realize there were two different games until the other day, so I’m no expert here.

So I had had a number of crashes but decided to take the advice and both verify my files (nothing needed fixing) and also update my drivers. Turns out a new driver came out on 6/22, which is just after I most recently updated. In any case, that seems to have fixed the issue and I just managed my first lengthy session of the game, taking out the Stone Golem.

Pretty enjoyable so far. I’m still getting the hand of the Wyrdhunter. Took me a while to understand the difference between the Hunter’s Marks building up on the individual targets and the damage increase of the ultimate ability. Plus I don’t fully understand everything that happens - for example I sometimes seem to counterattack for substantial damage but I didn’t see a passive ability that did that. I’m still learning.

Wow, this makes a good first impression! I didn’t get to the first boss yet, but I’ve probably played 6 battles so far and found lots of things on the map. The inclusion of a narrative and the great art give this game a lot more atmosphere than Slay the Spire. I loved StS and I get the feeling I’m going to really enjoy this one too. There have been some good choices for cards to add to my deck when I level up. The battles seem a little more meaty too.

I am about 12 hours in, 4 completed runs after the initial introductory run, all characters unlocked except the Zealot and yup, I would say it is the strongest deck building card battler roguelike since Slay the Spire. I would place it a few steps above Pirates Outlaws, Griftlands, Monster Slayers, Bloodcard and other Slay-the-Spire likes that have charm of their own.

Stuff which is amazing me . . .

. . . the freaking setting / theme / art / music together. I was initially lukewarm on the free move / explore dynamic since it seemed to just add busywork which could have been eliminated by node to node travel. However I have to admit the world looks freaking beautiful, in a horribly twisted way. It really feels like a thematic, twisted, horror filled world and the art & music work wonderfully together.

. . . meta-progression appears compelling. There are about a dozen archetypes to unlock and maybe 5 different types of meta-currency so the sense of progress during and between runs is strong

. . . the actual combat feels slick, solid and punchy. Choices & consequences . . . often no single obvious best choice, trade offs, push-your-luck and safer options

. . . the character development, through deck-building and passives (a lot like Slay the Spire artefacts) offers some great choices and clearly very different deck types for each archetype

. . . did I mention the freakin’ great uber-dark cultist muzak? Just wait til you hear the battle chanting music, oh my . . .

Bought it today and just finish my first run through act 1. Going great so far. Got quest cards unlocked (picked up wrath). A bunch of quests started, etc. very pleased to find the option to turn off the wyrdness filter, which I didn’t know was an option.