Tainted Grail: Conquest, Wyrdness galore

I feel for you, but I don’t want you to beat my Pathfinder score :P


It’ll make me pull the game out again!

hehe, dang it, challenge me why don’t you?

All I want / need for an awesome Pathfinder run is . . .

. . . getting the Final Blow card early, so I can nurture it to well over 1000%+ per hit
. . . getting the card that reduces armor by -100 / full heal next turn, which is awesome for the final boss
. . . getting and keeping the special ‘Demon Strength’ cards that give +500% damage for one turn
. . . accumulating other damage boosting items and putting them into inventory for the final boss fight
. . . getting the Stance card that adds +25% damage per turn (it helps)
. . . finding some deck removal to get rid of basic attacks (keeping Onslaught to last)
. . . lucking out with getting some passives / runes that provide extra energy and or block

. . . but then most of all, not getting sloppy during that final fight, and putting all the above stuff into practice!

I summon thee!

. . there is always room for improvement . . . . this was a bit crazy. In absolutely no way did I even keep track of one quarter of the number of special doodads (passives) firing off per turn. I reckon to get onto page 1 of the leaderboard you would need to sit down with a serious spreadsheet and CRUNCH those numbers.

This is good enough for me :-P

Nice going!

Amazing job! I’m extremely busy at work currently and have to time to play (except Monster Train).
I’ll knock you off your perch soon enough :P.

How much does difficulty level play in the score calculation - is the scaling such that a win on difficulty 10 would always be more than a win on difficulty 9?

Great question, I have the same one. If it does not scale, one would be better off . . . if aiming for a big score, to play on the lowest difficulty. I got my top score on difficulty 9 and at that level I struggle mightily within the first stage just to survive. Playing as Pathfinder, I lucked out on that high scoring run by picking up two really helpful early passives. One blocked ALL hits in the first turn of combat, and another added 5 blocks in the second turn.

I will away myself to the game forums and see if there is intel about the scoring / difficulty . . . .

I know most everyone has moved on from this but I see there are a few diehards here. I just picked it back up and have been playing a bit. I think I must not be terribly good at these types of games because while I do reasonably well, I have never been in any danger of a complete run in the hours I’ve played. I have unlocked maybe 5 classes beyond the Wyrdhunter. My favorite so far is the Summoner.

Anyway, I would gladly take any tips or tricks you all could offer (for instance, I did not realize you don’t want a candle going all the time, nor did I realize you could have more than one going for the final boss battle).

What meta progression is most valuable? Starting with armor? More HP? I have mostly conserved my additional resources from not quite knowing what to do.

Which of the early unlock classes would be the most likely to help me get a full run?

Armor is very valuable for almost every class. Have you unlocked card removal yet? Quest cards?

Buy increased candle drops from bosses and at least the first three levels of runestone drops (to + 75%).

The two primary reasons not to burn candles are to get more wyrdstone and because some encounters won’t trigger if you have a lit candle.

Are you using golem as your initial summon with summoner? If not, try that. Understand that your armor directly affects the armor of your golem. You want to pick up perks and runestones that increase your armor. Don’t let negative wyrd cards reduce your armor until you understand how that will affect you.

I find Pathfinder and Apostate both incredibly effective and reliably able to complete a full run. Some of the summoning classes have great longevity too and I favour them less only because they seem to require more waiting / building / clicking to complete combats.

Since almost all the village vendors require their unique currency for meta-progression and your recruitment of villages is randomised you only really need to think about what are the best / earliest buys from each vendor. In my humble, those are -

Master At Arms: Extra card draw per turn followed by extra card removal. Both incredibly valuable, also costly, but worth saving for

Blacksmith: Extra runestone drop %, because it is by finding and combining more runestones that you earn more rune shards, so increasing the drop rate early means more unlocks, sooner

Seamstress: Really depends on what kind of class you prefer to play. For example, if you like to play a class that is armor dependent then armor boost is great. If high hp dependent, hp, etc. Damage is a safe bet especially if you wish to shoot for high scores

Scientist More item drops is a good idea until you get a feel for what items you personally find most useful, then boost them

Candlemaker No idea, hehe, I run dark! No candles in my runs! However, it may be worth spending regular coins each run to buy his ‘Reveal All NPCs / Locations’ on the map’ in order to ensure you can visit them and advance quest lines and whatnot.

Adding that my more or less consistent early routine is, if coins permit -

  1. Get a special quest card from the Lost Soul, ideally the one that once evolved draws 2 cards and reduces their cost to 0

  2. Buy the runestones that do 5 damage to all enemies at the end of each round, and a runestone that heals you after each combat. The former is excellent in the early stages since so long as you can just survive / block you eventually win.

  3. Use the add a card option from the Master at Arms, take it if it is a desired high value card, and otherwise skip it. Painful loss of coins, but if this nets you something like Pathfinder Finishing Blow early on, everything becomes so much easier.

  4. Once you have the coins - which will be after the first stage boss - buy additional passives from the Seamstress

Not even against treasure guardians or bosses? Why? You probably have zero need for wyrdstone, so what’s the benefit?

Don’t you all leave - n00bs comin’ in hot in a week via GamePass in a week!

Oh, is that what running without a lit candle does? Just more wrydstone, which indeed I really do not need? Hehe, okay. This illustrates how little reading I do into game mechanics even for games I get really absorbed into.

But the real answer is that the Wyrdness has infected my heart, and the light . . . . the light now burns . . . it burns.

There’s a pill for that.

Thanks to the advice and inspiration of this thread I just beat the game as a Summoner (and got him to level 20 also). Had very few issues thanks to some good synergy in the deck. So now I’ve unlocked all the classes except Apostate.

Nicely done. You should always get to 20 if you finish a run, btw. Which class is next?

Hrm, maybe Necromancer.

I would usually try another type instead of going for another summoning class. Necros are extremely different.

Have you tried our lord and savior the Pathfinder class?

Necromancer is really finicky to me, just as a caution. I’d suggest taking plain old wyrdhunter and dropping in a gar runestone in the armor slot from the start, just to prove to yourself you can do it again