Tainted Grail: Conquest, Wyrdness galore

All right, I beat the second beast straight up. This run is going very well. Zealot is definitely my favorite class so far.

And now, after 9.7 hours, I have beaten Difficulty 1. Zealot is extremely good. Time to try Necromancer.

I disliked the open map at first and wanted a simpler ‘node based’ map as seen in many similar card-battling roguelikes. It grew on me. I began to appreciate the art, and began to appreciate how the movement provided a mental break between battles.

I began to apply a routine of, after exiting the village, always proceeding clockwise around the map. Then, on return to village, I would basically do the same, checking in with each vendor in a circuit.

You have a LOT of content left to experience :-)

Time to throw away everything you learn by playing with the Zealot. :)

Well, I have now unlocked all the classes. The melee ones are fine, I guess. I’ve played them once or twice each. A bit boring but not terrible. The archer classes I love. Zealot is probably my favorite, but Apostate seems close behind. The summoner classes I don’t really care for. Hard to manage and a bit bewildering. Just…fussy.

The Necro is especially fiddly. But you aren’t wrong.

You sound so disenchanted!

I played the heck out of that game and got 4+ classes to 20. But when I look at my time spent, it’s “only” 38ish hours. Nevertheless, I feel like I got my money’s worth and I had a great time.

I find your class preferences interesting, @Kolbex: I loved the summoning classes and didn’t care much for the archer classes. Regardless, I had a good time playing this.

Damn, give me some summoning tips, because I can tell you I don’t like writing off a third of the available classes!

Gotta run out right now (how convenient, eh?) but I do recall that picking the golem (whoever the dude is who takes hits for you) was key to me winning. I also recall the imp was a lot more powerful than I thought. I will fire up the game later today and see what else comes to mind.


So, Conquest started as a boss-rush mode and a way to test out the various systems and mechanics of what was supposed to eventually become a conversion of the Fall of Avalon board game. The scope of it grew larger and it became Conquest.

Last month, the devs apparently announced that the game originally meant to be the turn-based board game conversion has morphed instead into a first-person action rpg that doesn’t follow the storyline of that game at all.

When I said Imp I meant the Fae.

Just played a few battles with a Summoner to refresh my memory. Here’s some thoughts:

The key to keeping the Summoner alive is to have a golem out and to shield him as much as possible. A golem redirects all enemy hits to him, and if he has a shield, he won’t hit you (like most summons do - they strike you for a bit of damage when they are struck. A shield prevents this from happening.

To that end, I chose the Golem as my starting creature. Your initial deck also has a few shield spells in it. My goal was always to get the Golem out, get him shielded, and keep that guy alive no matter what. You can shield, promote cards, use your Summoner ability to promote him, activate him (when activated, he heals himself). In the rare situation where he’s gonna die, you should attempt to throw out a second Golem.

As for damage, you have the Wurm and the Abom. Wurm is good for single targets and Abom is good for multi target. I typically go for one or the other depending on the enemies, but there’s no reason you can’t have both - I will only spend resources promoting one of them though.

The Fae is good to throw out when the threat level is low. Activating him bumps your Summoner power, and that can be used for some big promotions - I always try to hold out for it to get to 9 so I can get 3 levels on a creature (and when get it to 9 I always save the promotion to right before I am going to use the promoted creature).

So typically I’d spend a few early turns buffing the Golem, shielding him, etc, playing a threat and maybe a Fae, buffing them up and playing defensively. Once you get a decent sized shield on your Golem you are pretty unstoppable.

I realize that’s sort of generic but I hope that helps.

This particular run was shaping up well. I selected an ability that stuns a random enemy when a Fae is played. On my last battle I got an ability to sacrifice a creature to summon a Fae (meaning multiple ways to get a stun). I received a shield card that was labeled as an ‘Ability,’ which means it returns to your hand every turn. Meaning I was guaranteed to have a shield spell each turn. I also equipped a rune in my armor that does 4 damage to each creature at the end of each turn. That rune is awesome when you’re playing against the summoners who like to summon a low HP creature every turn. They summon it, you kill it.

Footage from the new rpg

Oh, I thought this would be like conquest, only a proper world. I didn’t expect a first person RPG with real time combat.

That was the original intent. Conquest was initially developed to test the combat system for the digital adaptation of the board game. Then they built it out to be its own thing. Then they decided they wanted to do something beyond a digital port.

Well boo.

Fall of Avalon is supposed to enter EA in March. Some new footage today, showing a beta version of the prologue:

Early access will launch with chapter 1, supporting 10-15 hours of gameplay.

When this first popped up on my radar I was thought “tainted grail, isn’t that the card game?“ I figured this naming convention would lead lead to some massive trademark issues. But then I found out that this game and the card game are done by the same company so it’s a shared universe.

It looks pretty interesting from what I’ve seen. Definitely adding it to my wish list.

The development is a bit convoluted. The Kickstarter for TG:FoA was seeking £40k, but pulled in nearly 5 million. They said they were going to do a digital version that backers would get for free. It was never intended to be a straight digital conversion, but it was going to be a card game that would take the game in directions mechanically that weren’t well-suited to a physical medium.

The game we know as Conquest began as a test version of the combat system for that game. But Conquest grew and expanded into its own (awesome) game. Some time later, the devs announced they were completely changing Fall of Avalon into a 3D open-world rpg with nary a card to be found.

I’m interested in this because I liked the world-building, music, etc. in Conquest so much, but I’d still love to see them do some form of card-based adventure.