Tainted Grail: Conquest, Wyrdness galore

Thanks to the advice and inspiration of this thread I just beat the game as a Summoner (and got him to level 20 also). Had very few issues thanks to some good synergy in the deck. So now I’ve unlocked all the classes except Apostate.

Nicely done. You should always get to 20 if you finish a run, btw. Which class is next?

Hrm, maybe Necromancer.

I would usually try another type instead of going for another summoning class. Necros are extremely different.

Have you tried our lord and savior the Pathfinder class?

Necromancer is really finicky to me, just as a caution. I’d suggest taking plain old wyrdhunter and dropping in a gar runestone in the armor slot from the start, just to prove to yourself you can do it again

Good advice, guys. Played thru First boss with the Necro this morning. Feels like the healing he gets from the Imp is pretty strong. I will keep at it until he loses then I’ll switch to one of the above recommended classes.

I did have a question though. Killing the 4th boss unlocks the quest to collect guardian hearts and burn them. When my Necro looted the first boss, there were 3 choices, with the 3rd being “loot the heart.” I picked the first (which was getting a new passive I think). When I came back to the prior screen there was no “loot the heart” option. Do you do that by default (like, it’s not possible to kill the boss and NOT end up with a heart, is it?).

There are two ways to finish the run. The second requires you pick the heart option every time. That leads to the high score encounter that Lykurgos and Hereafter have been posting pictures from. No big deal. You can just do it next time to advance the story.

Okay, I hunted down the answer to this and it is . . . not at all! Difficulty level does not in any way impact the score you get via damage to the final boss. The only way in which difficulty level can help is via the increased wealth accumulation you get. That is borderline helpful so as long as you can actually survive to the final boss, higher difficulty is ‘better’, but I do find that at 9, it takes a heck of a lot longer to complete a run than it does at early difficulties, lots more thought, care, attention.

Thanks, I never would have guessed that! I figured my score was so much lower than other high scores because of the difficulty, but I guess I’m not good :-)

Just breezed through a run as the Necromancer. I picked the wyrm as the initial spawn and while I thought that was a bad choice (I was looking at my options and somehow ended up with that one instead of the golem, which is what I intended to choose) it didn’t matter - the Necro is so strong that I pretty much breezed through the run. I had so much healing (not exactly sure from where…) that I was able to get the “didn’t use a healing potion” achieve too.

The MVP cards were two that allowed me to pay 5% of my life to invoke summons (one was a Fae and one was a Fae/Wyrm). Spawning those suckers out of nowhere was powerful, especially since the Fae heals you right back up. And I had a couple of Lich cards that stunned (one was a stun all for 2) that I would 100% use when I transformed.

So I defeated the easy last boss and hit level 20 but I didn’t get the “level 20 Necro” achievement, instead I got this one:


Which I didn’t do - although I did fight a boss who had card-stealing minions and maybe at one point they had stolen enough from me that I only had 8 cards in deck? No idea. But I definitely did not get the Necro achieve.

On to one of the above recommended guys - either Pathfinder or Wyrdhunter.

Disregard. I misread

Were you skipping fights? Don’t know how you don’t hit 20 otherwise. Some of the classes have level 20 perks that are ungodly strong.

I think I also got that achievement on Necro. Think it might be bugged

Congrats on the Necro run! I am actually yet to use the Necro myself, or the Blood Mage.

Chipping in . . . if you go Pathfinder before Wyrdhunter, you may never switch over! I could well be ignorant, but I think Wrydhunter is a far more basic and potentially less interesting hero to play than Wyrdhunter. I remember playing the Wyrdhunter in a tutorial of some sort, and I nearly refunded the game after the experience as choice seemed so limited. Geez, glad I did not, this and Roguebook are my favourite two games of 2021!

Wyrdhunter is basic, which is why I suggested it. But after winning with Necro I don’t see the need.

No, my point was that I DID hit 20 but I didn’t get the achievement. I guess I will have to do it again.

I do understand that Wyrdhunter is pretty basic, as you’d expect for the first class you’re given. Doing a difficulty 2 Pathfinder run now, and am in the middle of Act 2.

Which is why I said

I was zipping thru a Pathfinder run near the end of Act 3 when all of a sudden I went from full health to dead in one hit. I’m still not 100% sure what happened. I was sort of distracted so maybe I didn’t put up my blocks, that’s all I can figure happened. Too bad there’s no replay or combat log to see what went on.

Oh man, I feel your pain, yeah, I mean literally!

It can get pretty challenging to track. In a recent Pathfinder, I had these things . . .

Auto-blocks on the first turn
+5 blocks on the second turn
+1 block every second turn
+1 block if I ended my turn with 3+ cards in hand
passives that made every 4th card played free and every 8th card played duplicated

. . . so planning my blocks became a small but busy industry. Having an awesome run be crushed to earth by being one block short is a wonderful learning experience though. There are some runestones and some Pathfinder passives that can add some barrier, and whilst these may take the place of more offensive options I like them to relieve the brain-strain of block calculations!

I figured out what happened with my necro run… as usual, user error!

I think when he hit 19 I saw the EXP bar on the bottom of the screen showing 19 to 20 and I thought that was him hitting level 20. So I guess I finished the run at level 19. The journal does not show me unlocking the last masteries so that supports this theory. I did skip a few fights, guess I skipped too many.

I am really enjoying this game! I only played a little when it first came out but I decided that I would dive into it in a big way until New World launches on the 28th. So far it’s been great.

Mostly completed an Apostate run. I died on the 4th act boss, post level 20, which I thought was weird. All game long he didn’t feel that powerful, and I felt like I was balancing on a knife edge. The last guy simply took to long to kill and eventually I ran out of barriers/stuns at a bad time. There seemed to be a lot of talk about how overpowered the Apostate is (was?) but I didn’t see it. Perhaps I do not understand the class enough.

Currently running a Sentinel. Don’t ask me why I picked an archer right after finishing an archer build. He feels a bit more powerful than the Apostate but he’s almost all offense so it will be interesting to see if I can survive any battles with big hitters. Mid act 2 right now.

Apostate is bonkers strong. But using maneuvers the way they do might take a little getting used to. Look for maneuvers that give you extra power. I also like having at least one heavy hitting single-target attack and one strong AoE.

Actually, that sounds like my approach for all archers