Taito Legends! YES!

I’ve passed on the majority of the “arcade classics” compilations up until now, but have only now realized why. Because most of the games I wanted are on THIS ONE:

Space Invaders!
Bubble Bobble!
Rainbow Islands!
New Zealand Story!
Operation Wolf!
Elevator Action!
Super Qix!
Jungle Hunt!

29 titles in all. The only pisser is the lack of Chase HQ.

$19.99, ships tomorrow. See you at EB!

Parasol Stars?

Full list:

Battle Shark
Bubble Bobble
Colony 7
Continental Circus
Electric Yo-Yo
Elevator Action
Great Swordsman
Jungle Hunt
The New Zealand Story
The Ninja Kids
Operation Thunderbolt
Operation Wolf
Plump Pop
Rainbow Islands
Return of the Invaders
Space Gun
Space Invaders
Space Invaders part 2
Super Qix
Tube It
Zoo Keeper


Tempted for Elevator Action alone. Reminds me of my days working in an arcade when arcades actually had a variety of games (including pinball!) instead of endless variations of fighters, lightgun shooters, sit-down racers, & dancing games.

New Zealand Story was a GameWars game. I highly recommend it.

What’s a Taito?

It’s that place between your balls and your anus.

You have “PC GAMES 4 LYFE” tattoed on your right arm, don’t you?


It’s that place between your balls and your anus.[/quote]

I just gotta say…This is the best forum on the internet.

And, yeah worth it for Elevator Action alone.

Sad. The GC get’s no love again. You’d think they’d put all these collections on the Nintendo systems as the people who buy them anyways have a love of older franchises and would love to play old games.

Bah, what do you expect for $99? Get a real console.

Actually, I’ve pretty much arrived at the conclusion that Capcom hates gamers.


You would think that the GC would still have quite a bit of life left in it considering it theoretically has the longest life left in this current cycle. And yeah, I don’t get why those classic compilations aren’t being released for it, as they’re perfect for GC gamers young and old. Is the new Capcom one not for GC either? If so that sucks because Final Fight kicks ass. I wish we had a mayor like Mike Haggar, he took shit from no-one.

I am totally buying DDR Mario Mix though. All I needed to hear was that “super hard” mode is roughly the same as “normal” on all other DDR games and I was sold. Finallly, a DDR game I can actually play?

Yeah, Taito, Capcom… these collections would probably sell very well on the Gamecube, seeing as the Sonic one did best on there. It’s like they have no idea where the people who got them to the top went to? Many of those people are still buying only Nintendo hardware, even if they can’t believe that.

Whatever though… the way these compilations often have problems with the emulation just shows how little these companies care about the old games. They’re sitting on treasure troves of content that they refuse to update correctly figuring they’ll sell the stuff anyway. They’re right of course, since most people just don’t give a shit, but it would be nice if the industry took a five minute break once in awhile to just look back and realize how much incredible history has been built and then honor that properly with the people who were there for the last thirty years buying and building it all.


Amen, brother.

Not to belabor the point, but it really does drive me mad that the film, music and book industry are so good at understanding the importance of their back catalog while the game industry really doesn’t care about it.

'nuff said.


Aside from Nintendo, you mean?

That’s because the music and book industry don’t have to do any work to maintain their back catalog. In the film industry, they do have to remaster them on DVD, and fans are always complaining about when and how they do it-- and that’s much easier than trying to get a 10-year old game to run on modern hardware.

I don’t buy that. If a couple of guys can do an emulator well(yea many of them are crude and not always user friendly but many do the games well), then these companies could put some effort and make good compilation sets. Also there are some well done ones out their too. I think the Midway ones are well done.

Which compilations have emulation problems? I’ve heard the fighting games in Midway Arcade Treasures 2 are a bit whack, at least in the cube version. Is there anything else I should know about? I’ve yet to pick up Capcom or Midway 3. Do they seem to be okay?