Taito Legends! YES!

Not all compilations are emulation-based. For example, the Retro Atari collection for the DS was re-programmed games (that sucked). I believe the first Microsoft Arcade was re-programmed as well. Even the brand new Namco Museum Battle Collection for PSP has some tweaks or hiccups in the emulation, play Galaga on Hive or MAME and then Galaga on PSP and you’ll notice the difference in responsiveness.

I can see this on the consoles, but they put a PC edition out as well… can it compete with MAME? I guess if your wife’s brother’s cousin doesn’t know where to score some roms, perhaps it’s for you.

I like MAME quite a bit, although I quit trying to stay current with version .82. I buy the compilations for two reasons: I like playing in a living room, and I want to buy the legal versions of the games whenever possible.

I think I’ll probably be waiting a long time for Universal or Gottleib collections.

That would get you a crude emulated PC version, sure. Building a Genesis emulator that plays all your old games that also works perfectly on a PS2 is not trivial. Obviously, it can be done. It is not easy money there for the picking, and it has to be redone for each generation-- unlike, say, Lolita, which can be reprinted any time the publishers want to pay fees to Nabokov’s family, using the same mass production facilities that print any other books for that publisher.

Sales figures on the compilation packs are low, and they tend to be budget releases. So non-trivial plus low returns equals rarity.

Gladiator is one of the most fantastic underrated games of all time.

If anyone missed this also-ran of the mid 80s, the principle is simple: you can block high, low and middle with a shield, and strike high, low and middle with a sword. Blocking is automatic, except when you move to strike. Finally, you have separate pieces armor all over your body (i.e. hit locations), and thus a single gimme for each location.

What ruins the game are godawful turgid preludes to each battle, where you must advance through hallways while all sorts of miscellaneous classical-era trash is thrown at you from off-screen.

Also, there is no versus mode. Even though the attract mode explcitly shows arena-style backdrops not present in actual play. It’s just you against rather mechanical and difficult CPU opponents.

But such fights! They can be quite intense, with half your armor ripped off, your shield bent in two and the dilemma of wether to lunge for the kill and risk the counter.

Oooh, I remember Gladiator from your description! Loved it, haven’t thought about it in forever.

I 2nd Long’s thoughts about these compilations, though. I know there’s some work involved, but you really get the idea that they’re shooting for a quick and dirty $19.95, never mind whether the emulation is spot on.

I’m so behind on games right now. I keep picking up used stuff that’s like $5. Just got Wave Race: Blue Storm, a Cube launch game that I never got around to. It’s better than I thought it would be, a nice little challenge.

“What’s a Taito?” was the slogan used in their magazine ad campaigns about 20 years ago or so.


Yes, it was one of those games that went under a different name in each market. “Gladiator” was for the U.S., but that wasn’t what I played in the U.K.

There it was called “Great Gurianos.” I lated discovered that Gurianos was not some crazy Engrish mistranslobberation, a la “Continental Circus,” but the name of the main character.

In Japan it was called Ohgon Nosiro.