Take on Mars (wtf Bohemia...)

Just watch the trailer

Take On Mars places you in the seat of a Rover Operator, allowing you to control the various, fully simulated mobile Rovers and stationary Landers. With this scientific arsenal at your disposal, you will work your way through the numerous Science Missions in each location, unlocking the secrets of Mars’ distant past.

“Explore the scarred face of another world. Journey through rocky terrain and sandy wastes, pushing your vehicles to the max in this new installment to the Take On series.”

Capitalizing on the truck/bus simulator craze combined with those indie space program games?

I hope they gain a strong following like Kerbal Space Program, but there is a bit too much emphasis on real drones / real missions for that.

What the Hell?

I’m also influenced by their previous Take on Helicopters, which could have been an awesome sim/arcade copter game with tycoon elements, doing lots of varied missions in a big city, and instead it had an anaemic narrated campaign without enough focus on the fun.

To be fair, the Take On series has always been a bit silly if you take a step back and look at it. Take On Helicopters’s base game is a civilian helicopter business sim set in the Pacific Northwest, and the expansion they released for it was focused entirely on Hind gunships.

Are you guys crazy? This looks awesome!

I don’t see how can add much more variety with this.

You land on mars, run around in a drone and you are done.

It’s like Moon Lander, but in HD… and on Mars!

Take on Mars is a weird name. It makes it sound like you’re going to conquer it or something.

Shhhh. That’s for the expansion.

Bohemia needs to “Take On” some new projects that don’t utterly suck.

This is absolutely amazing…

Things like this get me excited for the medium, and not all that AAA psychopathic killing stuff.

Will it be designed for joysticks? I have a G940 hidden somewhere in my apartment…

Are you the same people complaining about how E3 just showed off mostly shooters and sports? If they add an actual “game” in there this could be really amazing, and I applaud Bohemia for doing something neat and creative with their game engine. But like I said, I hope there’s a cool game wrapped around this. Maybe if you search long enough and do things right you “can” find life. Awesome!

Anyone remember a show on, I think, the Discovery channel a few years back depicting an unmanned mission to a fictional planet where two drones were deployed to explore the surface where they encountered and studied various lifeforms? I remember that one of the drones got into trouble and was disabled/destroyed and so it became the mission of the other drone to find out what had happened. I remember that the CGI wasn’t particularly impressive but I loved the premise of the show and I’d love to play a game kind of like that. Obviously Take on Mars isn’t that game t but it still looks cool as hell to me.

This looks great. Hopefully some very in depth sim with regards to landing/flying/roving. I would love to see a well done rover sim, getting as close to the real thing as possible. Managing solar panels and batteries, deploying instruments, collecting and analylzing data. Following clues to find proof of past life on mars…

Put me in the intrigued camp as well. I will happily tool around Mars between murderous Call of Battlefield sessions.

Looks brilliant, I love what BI are doing lately. I hope they also simulate high equipment failure rates and the ability to mix up metric and imperial units.

looks awesome and it certainly beats shooting people in the face. So well done Bohemia Interactive.

While I completely agree with this … I dunno, realistically simulating civilian helicopters and then mars rovers?
If they keep up the pace, I’m fully expecting “Take on Taxes” as their next title.


It’s like Mass Effect, but without the dialog options: they appear to have combined Mako driving and planetary scanning.
It looks beautiful.