Take that spammer!

Do you remember the, “guaranteed government grants” spammer from a few months back? They were unstoppable, kinda.

But the best part, I filed a complaint with the FTC against the company for deceptive advertising. I was included in the action, just got my “share of the redress” - $47!

This will only encourage me.


Were these the people that sent you a cease and desist order from interfering with their spam? Or was that another spammer?

Anyway - Moral of Story:

Don’t fuck with Chet.

You ought to send out a ton unsolicited emails on how you successfully fought spammers.

If he does, I’m pretty sure Bill Gates will buy him tickets to Disneyland.

Hey! I got that email a week or so ago. Where can I get in on the action, Chet??

If I ever mange to successfully sue a spammer, my plan is to write it up, put together an instructional kit, and sell it via the internet using bulk-email advertising. Er, wait, no…

  • Alan