Take Two Kubricks and Call Me in a Week?

I’ll let you guys in on a shameful little secret: I’m not much of a Kubrick fan. Now, I say that despite being a pretty big fan of The Shining and considering 2001 to be one of the best movies I’ve ever seen. But that’s pretty much it. I don’t hate the others, I just can’t really say I like them all that much. They don’t really resonate with me. Ah, that’s better. On with the poll!

I feel like wuth most Kubrick films I’ve seen, there’s one half of an incredible film in there. Full Metal Jacket is the most obvious example, but I think 2001 is similar. The Shining… I have a hard time looking at that one objectively due to my love of the novel. And I think Eyes Wide Shut might be my favorite?

It is a brilliant black comedy, for sure.

Not sure I’m up for rewatching the ones I’ve seen many times, given my backlog, but I’d be up for seeing the handful I haven’t (everything before Paths of Glory, basically), and I’ll chime in on the others.

big Kubrick fan here. I own almost all of his films except the pre-Paths Of Glory. I will chime in and try to watch them as they are discussed here.

Ok, based on all the above, I guess there is enough interest to what would essentially slow down my Kubrick re-view as we’ll get some good discussion out of it.

The poll’s numerical answer is 1.5 Kubricks (well, 1.45 really), which tells me that one a week should be standard, but we could squeeze in 2 on a given week once or twice. Which means this re-view and discussion should get wrapped up by mid-November latest (which is good - everyone will dissipate and go do other things once we get near Thanksgiving).

Later today or tomorrow, I’ll post a thread for the first week’s viewing and Post a link here. Each week will get its own thread in the same way (with the next week’s viewing getting made as a new thread and a link posted in the old thread, keeping discussion to that film in a self-contained thread, but letting followers of a thread know that a new one is up).

More to come soon.

Not available for streaming meaning not even on Prime or Netflix?

I’ve watched his films a number of times, written papers about them even. But I’m usually up for watching again.

My dirty little secret: in 1989, I watched every John Waters film over a 3-day period, to write a paper for a conference. I’ve not been the same since…

Not free for streaming. Meaning that they cost money. I’ll be posting links where they can be streamed in each film’s (or films’) thread when it comes up.

First one up is on Kanopy, if your Library subscribes.

Also the only one on Kanopy at the moment though.

Its public domain; you can watch it from its Wikipedia page, if you want. Post coming and link to post here sooner not later.

Kubrick-fest 01 - Fear and Desire & Killer’s Kiss thread is up here:

Wish I could get in on this but my viewing time is very limited these days. Maybe I’ll feel the urge to weigh in on the ones I know practically by heart (Paths, Strangelove, Clockwork, 2001).

Happy Kubricking!

Kubric-fest 02 is up at the below link.

Kubrick-fest 03 is ready to go:

Ok, I’m a little late, but I still had a Netflix membership going, which expires tomorrow. So before I join Prime video, I’ll try to join in and catch up on the Kubrick-fest. I absolutely love everything about his later films, so I’ve been very curious about his early films.

Kubrick-fest 04 is up - but feel free to keep discussing all the Kubrick-fest films!

Kontroversial Kubrick-fest 05 is up. But all the Kubrick-fest films are still open for discussion!

I somehow missed this thread when first posted and haven’t paid attention to the subthreads as they’ve gone by. I rarely watch movies twice, so will probably skip the ones I’ve seen, but I think you’ve convinced me in your writeups to watch Paths of Glory and The Killing sometime this week. The only one of the upcoming films I haven’t seen is Barry Lyndon, and I’m not sure I can be convinced to watch it. But I’m enjoying the commentary so far. Thanks for organizing this! Do the Coens next.

It’s a shame you won’t be seeing what is possibly Kubrick’s best work.

Lolita is always open for discussion but Kubrick-fest 06 is now in session.