I saw this over the weekend with my son, who was very excited about it because of the two leading roles are musicians he really enjoys, but who I am not really familiar with. I was not expecting much, but was surprised by the lack of a good soundtrack and the uninspired acting and plot. On the up side, Zoe Saldana was in it, which was good enough for me (Kelly Wand yowsa sound goes here).

I was also surprised by TI’s absolute lack of charisma. I don’t know why I expected to like him more. He’s not an actor, after all. And maybe it was the role he ended up with, but I came out of the picture actively disliking him. I don’t think I liked much of anything in this movie. Wasn’t Matt Dillon just in an armored car hold up movie last year?

spoilers below

Compare the last stand of Chris Brown and his brother in this picture with Redford and Newman rushing out to their death in Butch Cassidy. Maybe that’s a terrible comparison because Redford and Newman are experienced actors in their prime playing a criminals trying to make good an escape and the Attica brothers are committing suicide, but I just didn’t get it. I like movies where the bad guys win every once in a while,* but I didn’t like this one at all. Both cops and bad guys commit suicide by provoking either a cop or a bad guy, while the one good cop treats his daughter terribly and the one good “bad” guy struggles valiantly with his sister’s drug problem. I suppose there is a message in there somewhere, but it’s just all so silly.

*Blue Dogs

You should have taken him to Scott Pilgrim instead.

We loved Scott Pilgrim vs. The World.