Tales from the TRU Preorder massacre

How’d the rest of you wind up? We wound up shutting down our halloween party at 2 am, 3 of us rolled over to Toys R Us, rolled our clocks bacl to 1 AM, and began the wait 13-15 in line. One guy had been there since 9 AM the day before. Rumor was that they were gonna have 7 PS3s (which we really wanted), 20 Wiis (which we would settle for) and a boatload of Tickle Me Elmos (Meh, but we have relatives who wanted badly). Rumors turned out to be true, but instead of seperating into 3 lines, they let the guys in front score all 3 if they wanted em, so 3 Wii ticketss and 6 Tickle Me Elmos made the trip home. Oh well, guess I will get a PS3 in 2007. Off to bed.

I waited three hours this morning to get a Wii and I was two away from getting a pre-order. :(

The TRU pre-order heavily favored those who were in the front of the line. I wish they TRU either held the pre-orders on different days or allowed people in line to have only one item.

I had a chance to pick up an Elmo doll but I felt bad taking it away from some kid. On the other hand, if I was in the front of the line, I would have no qualms about paying $50 for a PS3 pre-order that I could resell.

I guess I’ll be at WalMart at midnight. :(


they are selling those allready in the states? Whow!

I thought the word was that there were going to be plenty of Wiis to satisfy demand?

(Wow. It’s just damn near impossible to write anything about that console without a double entendre.)

At this point I’m willing to concede that whoever at Nintendo pushed for the name was a genius.

One thing I’ve noticed about the name is that it has a unique shape that eye-scans very easily without even having to parse the letters.

I preordered a Wii from Toys R Us (Canada) almost a month ago. Now I know I’m not going to be able to afford it!

I wish I could preorder the 360 that has the HD-DVD built-in and the cooler running CPU. :P

come on guys where is the love? Oh well guess I’m camping out at Bestbuy.

In Japan you would have the opportunity to give your interest-free loan directly to Sony!

Boo on TRU for letting people in line pre-order more than 1 item.

As for the Wii name, meaningless anecdote:

At Best Buy the other day with my daughter (who is 11 and enjoys all 3 consoles. Truly a “wants to play fun games” type, we play XBox LSW, Guitar Hero, SSBM, whatever). We’re wandering while they work on my car radio, and she’s scanning the DS games for the “new” Nintendogs. She sees the Wii countdown/display, and asks “What’s a W-ih?” (pronounced like “Whip” without the “p”). I said that it was like the GameCube, but better and newer. She said “That’s a dumb name.” and proceeded to be unexcited about the countdown timer.

Glad I’m not interested in the Wii or the ps3 this year. I’m still really burned by the 360 fiasco and I’m glad i can sit back and relax this season.

I must be reading this wrong . . . am I to understand people were standing in line early in the morning to PRE-ORDER? You mean pick up pre orders, right? Not just to pre-order before it came out.

Um, no. It won’t be out for a few weeks.

How is standing in line to pre-order any different than standing in line to buy it? You do the former so you can just go in on launch day and avoid the latter.