Tales of Xillia

This one came out a few days ago. In a moment of weakness about a week ago I ordered the collector’s edition despite not really enjoying Vesperia and burning out on Tales of the Abyss. My copy came today and I’ve put about 3 hours into it so far. I’m really liking the battle system so far more than the previous games I’ve tried. The characters are pretty great too, one of my favorite things about the Tales series is that the characters talk a ton to each other about stuff unrelated to the plot and it really helps develop them.

So, who’s also playing it?

I picked it up too, and I’m also enjoying it quite a bit. I think it’s a big improvement over Vesperia – it’s not nearly as punishing (so far), combat feels much faster and smoother, and the plot picks up much more quickly. I think this is also the first time they’ve allowed you to advance skit text, too, which I remember irritating me in a lot of previous Tales games.

So far, my only complaint would be that, while most of the voice acting has been pretty good, one character in particular is just incredibly grating to me. Otherwise, I’m glad the game finally made its way west, and I hope that the sequel will, too.

I’ve played it some. While using basically the same old combat system, this one appears to have been tuned rather more carefully, so that the “normal” level provides a more even experience, with the early bosses at least not being so shockingly powerful as in previous Tales games. I generally like the game so far, even with the traditional doll-like characters and naive approach to storytelling. There’s something about Maxwell’s hair and its weirdly separate layers that annoys me, though…

Interested in this by default but for some reason, the main heroine’s design doesn’t appeal to me at all… I think it’s her beyond ridiculous hair - even by JRPG standards - and her attitude (based on images). The rest of the cast doesn’t look very good either… Maybe later after a price drop.

This looks slightly interesting. I should put my money where my mouth is and stop complaining about the lack of jrpgs. Heard the last one was kind of bad but I might be mistaken so I kind of written the series off since the PS3 never got Vesperia.

Damn, sad to learn that when this finally made it to the US, it didn’t follow Vesperia onto the 360. Never bought a PS3 and certainly in no position to now, but I love this damn series. Maybe some day!

Put about 4 hours into it yesterday. I’m really enjoying it.

However, I just can’t wrap my head around why they let someone with a lisp voice Milla. It’s extremely annoying.

I don’t mind Milla’s voice, myself. Maybe the hair distracts me. I’m actually close to the end now. Maybe. Played a lot over the weekend.

I have only played about 10 minutes, but so far I am extremely disappointed in what seems like low production values in this one compared to the ps3’s last tales game.

There is no option for japanese voices and from what i saw (well, heard), Milla’s voice actress is… not great.

I haven’t had much time to put in to this though, so maybe once i actually put some in, it will wow me. This is after all a snap judgement based on limited gaming.

Milla’s voice has grown on me, even with her lisp at times. Maybe since she isn’t human it works for me.

Haven’t put as much time as I’d liked into it so far, only about 5 hours in. I like the linking system a lot, Milla and Jude have been joined at the hip. I would link with Alvin more but I only have like one linked attack with him. I’m sort of iffy on expanding shops. It’s an interesting idea, but it takes the fun out of seeing different and new items from a new merchant. Right now I feel like I’m hoarding everything while I wait for someone with a multiplier higher than 2.

There’s no need to wait for 3x multipliers. I hardly ever saw them above 2. There’s no doubt some clever strategy for that, but just throwing most of your stuff at the shop in the next town worked fine for me. Save a couple of each type in case someone wants one for one of the side quests…

Little over 18 hours in so far and pretty much just started chapter 2 which seems odd since I heard it was a 30 hour game. Rowen is such a badass, but only when I’m using him. Still enjoying this one quite a bit, though some of the seams are starting to show. Every Seahaven being the same feels pretty lazy. Story feels like it’s dragging a bit, but it doesn’t help that I keep comparing it to Xenoblade. The characters have grown on me even more and I love the battle system, except for the boss fights. They haven’t been too bad though.

Serious budget constraints showing very clearly here, and in a few other places, as well. Still, not a bad game.