Talk to Me - A24 and RackaRacka

Directed by Danny and Michael Philippou, who started the RackaRacka horror/comedy YouTube channel.

This looks like a pretty typical Ouija/Stir of Echoes “we summoned something except we stupidly forgot to close the door” movie.

Execution is everything, though. I’ll definitely see it.

Yes, the only reason that I think this might be interesting is the RackRacka guys behind it. Not that those old shorts are good. In fact, they are the quintessential garbage “comedy dudebro” YT videos. It’s just that looking at those old videos and comparing it to this trailer is pretty crazy due to the difference in style and tone. Maybe they matured?

Sequel gets the green light.

I haven’t seen it yet, but the reviews for this movie are a lot more positive than I thought.

Hopefully they’ll resist “Talk 2 Me”.

I saw it over the weekend. I liked it a lot. The opening 20 or 30 minutes are quite gripping indeed. It has a bit of a mushy middle problem (not exactly uncommon), but the end was properly exciting. Will definitely be there for a sequel.

I just saw this tonight and loved it. Maybe my favorite horror movie since Hereditary (and, like Hereditary, absolutely brutal to watch if you’re a parent). Like all great horror films, it’s ultimately a tragedy, and knows it, which is why it spends so much time to build characters and relationships. The cast is what really brings this together, though: everyone is just perfectly cast as real teenagers who are really just lost and scared kids, and who are way out of their depth when they tap into something beyond their emotional ability to understand it.

Wow, this was a ride! It’s not exactly the slow-burn, A24 highbrow horror I was expecting, but a well done Ouija-like with a believable cast and great timing. Like Barbarian, several of the best moments are sketch comedy punch lines delivered as devastating horror.

I would dig the sequel title I Let You In. But if the cowards behind the Now You See Me sequel wouldn’t use Now You Don’t, there’s not much hope for a horror sequel. (h/t to Dan Harmon for my favorite movie title joke)

I liked this a lot. The beat that plays during the montage scene is awesome. I listened to it at the gym tonight. Most of the imagery and character writing around peer pressure and drug use was well-done and believable. Much props to these RackaRacka guys - taking basically the plot beats of an after school special and making something so cool with that by using a spooky hand.

I REALLY liked this one. Not only because it’s one of the few decent horror flicks to come out this year, but because for a “first full movie”-movie this allready seems very focused, the RackaRacky guys definitely seem to have a clear idea of what they wanted.

Also, any movie how gets the way tennagers actually talk to one another is a huge win in my book. Feels like the writers having a case of “How do you do, fellow kids?” way too often :)

I’m not so sure they did, like is it a drugs allegory or a possession movie or a loss trauma movie? I did like it a fair bit, though, but it didn’t really commit to any one of the things it was, with the result that the ending kind of whiffed for me. Pretty great for a first time feature effort though.

Well said. That was my take also. It has a few really great scenes though.

This is up on Showtime in the US now.

I liked it a lot.

Yes. All of the above, I think.

Also, don’t forget that social media challenge culture bullshit. I really loved the idea that there’s the horrible, supernatural, potentially deadly thing and these kids are treating it like a party trick challenge with their phones out because that’s exactly how kids treat things that could kill them.