Talk to me about blue lasers

…specifically this one: Arctic. I purchased it a few years ago when it was only $129. I have two sets of protective glasses. I understand that the protective lenses in the glasses are not the best. I understand that the blue wavelength is very dangerous. Specifically that their specs call this 445nm which is particularly bad. I have never used it at full power. It has several settings.

Is there anyone here that understands lasers? Please feel free to explain why I shouldn’t own it. Or why I should own it and what fun I can have with it.

Purchase offers accepted. After I know that I’m not selling a dangerous device to a friend here.

Look, Rich, when someone asks if you want a laser, you say yes. I don’t know what else there is to discuss.

I think blue lasers are what the good guys use, the bad guys always shoot red lasers.

I can’t see what plausible use the thing can have, even for play. Any ordinary sort of casual playing around of the kind you do with laser pointers will sooner or later burn a hole in a nearby retina as the beam will reflect off something unexpectedly. It’s too powerful even to make a reasonably small light-show gizmo out of, though I suppose with enough effort it could be the power source for a club display system of some sort; but it’s not like you could just toss something like that together. And using it out of doors is just asking for some pilot to sic the police on you, even if you don’t actually shine it at a plane.

On the other hand, if you were to buy a bunch of optical bench beam-splitters and mirrors, and you took extreme care in making sure the beam didn’t wind up going anywhere but into a nice black heat-sink, and if you ran the beam a few yards around the bench, whatever room the thing was in would look about as psychedelic as anything in the real world can look. The dust scatter from the beams on the walls and so on would cause the entire room to sparkle with that weird laser-light dazzle effect caused by your retina and brain getting confused by the coherent light.

Use it to kill squirrels eating tomatoes in your garden.

Make sure the purchaser isn’t one of those jerks who’s going to shine lasers at aircraft pilots.