Talk to me of pillows, Usul.

But seriously. I need new pillows for sleeping. While I have certainly been doing research, I would like to know what the folks here recommend. I sleep on my side, mostly. I have bursitis in both shoulders. I often wake up with neck pain. Which can turn into back pain and worse.

Suggestions appreciated.

I use cheap pillows due to heavy night time drooling, even with pillow protectors I toss them out every 4 months. I know, waste, yada yada… Anways… I have no other input other than…


I thought everyone bought their pillows from that crazy dude with a mustache.

I sleep on my side and back and have had good luck with those memory foam contour pillows, which are flat on one side and then concave on the other, with one edge higher than the other and a dip in the middle. I don’t have a specific one to recommend (here’s an example of what I mean), but they should be easy to find at Target, Amazon, Bed Bath, etc.

I’ve been very happy with this.

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My wife got me sleeping with a blanket as a pillow. She actually uses a sweatshirt, and sleeps on her back with its sleeves under her neck. Pillows can really torque your neck and shoulders.

Also, if it helps to say this, it sounds like a chiropractor could really help you. My wife also stretches and uses a foam roller for 30m before bed. I try to keep up.

Just saying that a pillow alone probably won’t fix most such issues. But a proper one will be an important piece of the puzzle!

A also used those contoured memory foam pillows. I used to have problems with my neck a lot. It helped reduce it quite a bit.

I’m a big fan of the Coop Edens I bought for my partner and I. Finely shredded memory foam and cooling gel that conforms and feels very plush while still providing very solid, adjustable support. They come with a big baggie of extra floof to stuff in if you want a firmer pillow.

They have a classic version sans the cooling gel, IIRC, for about $20 less.

Not a pillow, but a few years ago I picked up a great foam topper based on a Wirecutter recommendation. It’s fantastic. I don’t have bursitis, but I do have other chronic pain issues as well as insomnia, and it has made a huge difference.

Does the foam in that tend to merge into one big piece? I have a pillow that looks exactly like that one that has shredded foam. Months after getting it I went to fluff it up and found it was near impossible to get it all separated again.

It’s been a few months since I opened mine up, but when I added extra foam after a few months, it was still pretty separable. And I’m a bigtime night drooler!

Yeah, shredded memory foam is my preference.

I’ve had some spendy pillows before, but bought one of these in-warehouse for 30 bucks the other day and it is quite comfy

I’d think the shredded ones would end up feeling lumpy, which makes me crazy

I have an old feather pillow that disgusts my wife.

Man, cooling gel pillows sounds real nice, are there also beds with that as a topping?

Now I know what I’ll be browsing for when I finally move to my apartment in feb/mar.

There are mattresses based on cooling jell stuff.

How well does the cooling work? I hate having a hot pillow.

Same here. So far I have worked around the problem with special cooling covers (which work, kind off, but not very long) and having two pillows so I can swap. But I haven’t found a pillow (or, for that matter, mattress) yet that really stays cool during the night…

I can second the Coop Homes pillow line. I’ve been through several different pillows from memory foam to down/feather to even a water filled and COOP Homes beats them all. They are indeed very comfortable but the thing that seals the deal is that they are incredibly adjustable. You can shape them and they will hold their shape while you sleep. I had a friend recommend them to me and have had mine probably 3 years now and they have held up great.