Tamagotchi are back

November 5th US launch date. About 60% smaller than the original devices. Same basic software. Same three-button controls. MSRP $15.

During my conversation with Badie, she leaned hard into the idea that users will grow to love their digital pets. “I’m not going to pretend it’s the best, latest, greatest everything, and it’s going to compete with your constant social medias and all that that’s constantly changing and everything,” she says. “But when you take care of something, you start to love it and want to take care of it. You want it to grow. You have that connection with it, so you want to have it succeed and survive.”

They sound like they are trying really hard for that crazed holiday buying rush, again. Like, trying a little too hard.

The problem is that I think there are already game apps that duplicate that and more, as they have updates and all the items internet connectivity add to the equation. Some of the apps are even free.

What is their business drive to compete with that?

Um… Uh… Yeah, I got nuthin’.

They should’ve given it a battle royale mode.

Instant availability?

Fish phone out of pocket, unlock phone, find app, open app, wait for app to load, wait for app to update, wait for app to connect via internet, play game!


Play game.

Speaking of this, remember Furby’s having a comeback a few years ago?

This year, they’ll be called Porgs.

Is that like pogs?

Sort of, but the Porg slammers are bigger.

No chance. As the Dad of a 7-year-old girl, I can tell you already that this year’s “must have” yet impossible to get item will be Fingerlings.

I can understand that. They are delicious roasted with rosemary and olive oil.

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