Tapatalk for iPAD

I have been using Tapatalk for iPAD to read the forums for awhile now especially when I am traveling.

However, I am now experiencing a problem with quotes. They used to work with the quote similar to going through the website but now it is messed up. The quotes now appear with the syntax being visible and it makes it hard to read.

Is anyone else experiencing this problem?

Is there a better app available?

Same here. No idea what changed.


Why on earth would you use Tapatalk on an iPad? I can maybe perhaps see its semi-usefulness on a tiny phone with a very slow browser, but any iPad can show the regular web forum just fine.

Because to some it is a better reading experience. For instance the tabs on the left allow quick navigation and there is less need for “zooming” back and forth. It is more structured and cohesive.

I hope that covers it so we can stick to the topic.

The topic is that Tapatalk doesn’t work properly, and I recall similar complaints popping up on a regular basis throughout the years. So the best reply is really to just use the forum through its normal web browser interface. Works quite well on iPad Safari and is free, too!

I think we’re all aware that it’s an option.

But yeah, I’m having the same problem myself.

I use roboform on my iPad when browsing which uses its own browser. Roboform is not allowed to not hook into safari.

Unfortunately the roboform browser does not work that well with the forum website so tapatalk was the better choice. If the problem persists I may have to switch to safari.

It is a lot easier to get into the forums quickly is another reason I used it.

The other advantage of using an ios app is that you don’t get the site chrome, ads, other cruft.


The Android version has been a bit wonky after the recent updates too.

Well quotes was fixed for awhile but now it will not show who the poster was,; it is cut off and only states Originally Post…and you have to click on it to see who the quote was from. Unless there is some setting that I cannot find.

Very, very annoying.