Tarantino's Django Unchained

I could’ve sworn we had a thread for this already, but my google skills have failed me. Anyway…


Jamie Foxx has been confirmed as the lead of Django Unchained, which I imagine is a great relief to Tarantino since everything he’s ever filmed has had a touch of spaghetti western in it. I’m actually surprised it’s taken him this long to get to an actual cowboy movie.

If you’re interested, Django is the cowboy in the old 1966 movie played by Franco Nero that drags a coffin around while seeking out the guy that killed his wife. It’s a pretty iconic image - the cowboy dragging the coffin everywhere - but very few people remember the movie at all.

Unglorious Basterds in pre-Civil War US?

Or wouldn’t Tarantino go quite that far? :D

Well, I’ve thoroughly lost interest.

Yeah, not a fan of Jamie Foxx either, although Tarantino has a tendency to make even third rate actors seem cool, or cool again.

Foxx doesn’t interest me, although I thought he did a good job as Ray Charles. I’m more interested in seeing what Tarantino does with arguably the spaghettiest of the spaghetti westerns.

Too bad we’ll never know what an Idris Elba Django would’ve been like.

Django is a great spaghetti Western, although arguably a tier below the classic Leone movies. What’s inarguable is that Django has the best theme song of all time. I hope Tarantino gets Urge Overkill to cover it for Unchained.

Instead of Foxx, it would have been great to have seen Michael Williams (Omar from The Wire) in the lead role. You feel me?

Excellent, thanks for the YouTube link! The Django theme song was truly beyond awesome.

You know who Tarrantino talked to about this that would have been a jillion times better than Foxx? Idris Elba, that’s who.

Yeah, but he also talked to Chris Tucker and thank God that didn’t pan out.

Has it been used by Tarantino before? I remember a track or two from a previous Tarantino film that was composed by Luis Bacalov. Ennio Morricone compositions have been in Tarantino films as well but often they’re so re-worked they become nearly unrecognizable(which, in Tarantino’s case, is definitely not a bad thing).

the standoff between omar and the mouzone was pure western. the commentary mentioned they caught a lucky break where a train rolled by whistling to complete the effect.

Agh! Not with the singing!

Here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Dy5NKDesDY

Great clip. I had forgotten that scene.

Omar listenin’.

Arise from your grave, forum thread!

The trailer is out, but the Weinstein Company is (for some reason) pulling it as fast as it is posted. This is why I’m posting a link to a Spanish language movie site:



Nice find. I’ll be there on opening day to see it.

Wow, you weren’t kidding, those Weinsteiners don’t fuck around; a trailer posted 14min was already retired.

Anyway, I saw the original a few months ago and this looks nothing like it. Is this supposed to be some origin story? With a black slave angle? What am I looking at here?

I didn’t see a coffin, but did I see Nero making a cameo? Now that was a handsome man in his day, and I say that as a pure heterosexual.

Based on that trailer, Foxx doesn’t look like a bad choice. I am not feeling the jew hunter or DiCaprio in those roles though.

That looks like it could be a really great movie, didn’t really know much about it beyond being a Tarantino flick.