Tarantino's Django Unchained

I enjoyed the subtle nod to Budd Boetticher at the start of the trailer, won’t see this as (honestly, truly and not just hatin’) I find Tarantino films dull.

I like how everyone’s ‘alternates’ are from the Wire. Fuck you guys.

Waltz and DiCaprio look Tarantino-awesome, which is to say gonzo-crazy and terrible in any other movie; in a Tarantino-spun tale, incredible.

The success of the original Django with Franco Nero was so huge and the international exploitation film market was freewheeling, there was something like 29 “sequels” starring a guy named “Django” with Nero himself only appearing in two:

So “Django” became the generic name for the guy with no name (which I think Lucas was alluding to with “Jango Fett”) and synonymous with the spaghetti western. Tarantino indeed appears to finally be making his spaghetti western, but setting it in the South and mixing in elements of “Mandingosploitation.”

You did, he was (and a good actor to boot), and seconded.

The international trailer features new pieces.

“I’m Dr. King Schulz.”

“What kind of doctor?”

“… dentist?”

Waltz was incredible in Inglourious Basterds.

And Dicaprio has made some very good movies and convincing roles work as well.

The movie looks very interesting! I was a big fan of the original spaghetti westerns, and Django was one of my favorites…

New trailer and soundtrack list.

Here was a fun moment: A short message from Tarantino thanking us for coming to see The Man with the Iron Fists before giving us the bloody R-rated Django trailer. That was inappropriately humorous before watching Skyfall with my mom.

Squee!!! Luis Bacalov is all over this soundtrack. Color me excited.

Requisite Bacalov clip for the uninitiated:

While I am a big fan of Elba and Williams, I think Tarantino has earned a little faith from past casting. Given the state of Travolta’s career in 1993 I’m guessing most people thought he would be a terrible choice for Pulp Fiction.

A little? I can’t really think of a bad casting decision he’s ever made. And he’s the guy who cast Samm Levine as a Basterd.

Mike Myers? Eli Roth?

Quentin Tarantino?

All good or at the very least decent casting decisions IMO (mileage may vary).

I have read the script for this and thought it was pretty good. I doubt it will rise to the level of Pulp Fiction or Reservior Dogs but could be a solid second tier Tarantino joint.

I’m seeing this tonight. Will report back.

I loved it. Everyone in fine form, Waltz and Sam Jackson in particular. Funny, bloody, disturbing. Long but never drags. Most enjoyable one for me since Pulp. Did I mention really funny? And occasionally GRIM.


Film premiere canceled due to the Newtown shootings.

Soundtrack is only $5 today only.