Target scam?

Everybody knows Target got hacked. I have never given them any info, I don’t shop there.

Today I got email from “Target” apologizing and directing me to a website for “free credit monitoring.”

I’m thinking phishing scam…


They are offering free credit monitoring to victims, but if you’re sure you’ve never shopped at Target it is certainly a scam.

The day I got the Target apology e-mail, my credit card was used at some 7-11 miles from my house. Of course, I cancelled the card. I’ve never used these silly credit monitoring services in the past, but now I’m tempted. Thoughts?

The bif0 one? supposedly that is actually legitimate, even though the email has practially every single sign of a scam short of mentioning nigeria

The woman purchased something at Target some weeks ago shortly before news of first hack hit. At that time, shoppers were merely advised to keep watch on credit card/debit card accounts.

Mailer yesterday stated, in so many words, that on further investigation, hacking may have been more extensive than previously thought, hence offer for free credit monitoring.

Woman was interested in offer but wanted to verify credit monitoring offer. Sure enough, offer appears on Target corporate website.

Woman redeemed offer yesterday, which resulted in promotional code emailed to provided email address (name and email being only things Target asks for), directing to official Experian-owned website “” After entering promotional code and surrendering other personal information (social security, mother’s maiden name) to Experian, not to Target, free year’s membership of Experian-provided protection was activated and appears legitimate.

There were 110 million credit cards stolen from Target. The population of the USA is 313 million. So yeah, pretty widespread.

I just got a new bank card at their insistence. I think I’m ok.

Are they just spamming this?? Because I know of no way Target should have my email…

Target’s datamining gives them knowledge concerning just about everybody. It even knows what trimester of pregnancy you are in.

I’m going to guess that Target’s computer database memory might be outperforming Lloyd’s as a possibility as well.

I don’t know how they got my email address, but I have in the past and do shop there.

Well, I know I have not ordered anything from them online, and I would not give email in store in the one or two times I have ever even been in one…

I support hacking when it is for the good cause but not for the bad…