Targeted banner ads?

Hey, was I dreaming or did I see a banner ad that read “Isn’t it time you saw one of the Godfathers?”, only to lead me to the page to order the DVD?

What kind of fancy new technology is this that gets into my computer, figures out I haven’t seen The Godfather yet, and then chastises me? Or could it be my imagination? Or is it just that having not seen The Godfather is an endemic problem among Qt3 frequenters?

Either way, I hope someone figures out a way to get Sparky’s Fuck Star Wars banner into the cycle (which I can’t find, but it’s the one with the TIE Fighter).


P.S. Fuck Star Wars.

Sir, the possibility of successfully incorporating this banner into Qt3 rotation is approximately three thousand, seven hundred and twenty to one…"

Best. Banner. Ever.

I suppose the question is: where will the banner take you if you click on it?

You can always buy banner space on QT3

I was going to put a banner up for the banner purchasing later this month.


Funny I got the same ad and immediately thought that I needed to re-watch my entire Rudy Ray Moore Dolemite collection.

Largest. Overuse. Of. Dramatic. Pauses. Ever.

“Where’s Dolemite?”

“Breathin’ down yo’ neck, you rat soup-eatin’ honkey muthafucka!”

Wow, I thought I was the only one with that boxed set.

If you’re a fan of 70’s pimpdom, do take the time to rent “American Pimp”. Excellent documentary.