Tariff like it's 1897, Trump's Great Economy, Maybe the Best Ever




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Days like this you just pretend there’s no market, and be thankful you don’t need what’s in your portfolio for another 10 years at least.


The silver lining here is that while I’m losing thousands of dollars every day, it’s giving Trump massive stress shits, and I’ll be able to say, “I told you so”.


About six months ago when the trade war bullshit was heating up I transitioned my 401k to be mostly bonds. Of course Trump could crash the bond market too by saying he wants to renegotiate the debt.

You can’t win with Trump.



Me too. Happily the market will rebound so we will be fine. But I am delighted the current decline is another failure around the neck of Trump.


Unfortunately we have to drain our 401k for personal reasons. So we got screwed.


That would make me mad as hell. Sorry man.


As long as my stocks keep paying out dividends I’m happy if the share price drops. The lower the better in my opinion, so I can buy more stocks. Of course, it helps that I hopefully won’t have to touch it for another 25 years. I do feel for those who need that nest egg in the near future.


Not tariffs directly, but likely to impact on the talks…


Uh, you know what happens when you snatch high ranking Chinese PEPs?

I wouldn’t want to be an American exec in China right now, can you spell tit for tat and 30 years hard labour? you sure can.


Eh, pulling it out now means you didn’t get screwed too bad… Things are basically where they were last year.

The fills who will be screwed are folks who need to pull it out later this year when things have really tanked.


I am pretty sure this is the definition “cutting off your nose to spite your face.”
But I’ve never been so pleased to lose (on paper) a ton of money. Partly because, for once my timing is right (so far). Hearing that Trump is clued to the tube watching stocks fall is music to my ears, and even if bear market doesn’t lead to recession (and i hope it doesn’t) it should be enough to rattle some Trump supporters conviction and cost him the election.


Only if Timex was personally making the stock market tank. I’m pretty sure he isn’t. :P


I am.

Sorry guys, but it’s for the best.


Consequence schmonsequences…

There’s no Huawei this holds for a long time.


Are they imported if they’re assembled in China?

Most of the parts are imported, but final assembly is China.


This also mostly applies to older models, Apple is supposedly past it already with newer models via a software change. Huawei (and I assume most other phone makers) have been hit with similar cases over the years.

Note that this case was opened by Qualcomm, who China screwed over the summer in a politicized M&A case, not by Huawei.

They are “imported” in China if they are assembled in an “export zone” that receives significant tax preferences, although those zones are in the process of phasing out over the last decade or so, unsure how much it affects Foxxcon (Apple only does design, not manufacturing).