Tariff like it's 1897, Trump's Great Economy, Maybe the Best Ever


Ok, how about this. At no point during his presidency was Obama able to get people entering the workforce over a 12 month period at the rate people are entering the rate force right now.

Thank you!


Dude, you mocked and slandered me based on a completely made up strawman version of me from out your own head. Good job.


I have a feeling that you are repeating the mistake that Trump was making when he was bragging about the stock market… before it tanked and lost all of its gains for the entire year… How much money did you lose there? I gotta think it was a bundle.

The economy right now, is strong. But we are likely going to enter a recession this year.

And there you are going to run into problems, because the massive tax cuts (which were, inexplicably, targeted at the highest earners) punched a hold on the deficit, and once the economy slows down, that’s going to get even worse. And this is all going to be made worse by the tremendous instability Trump has injected into seemingly every aspect of everything.

But you know, if it somehow just keeps going, and the global economy doesn’t slow down (despite all indications that it is) that’d be great. I don’t think what we are gonna see though.

What we’re seeing is the US lose influence around the world, and the resurgence of authoritarian regimes.

You never answered how you felt about Trump’s statements about Afghanistan.

No, i was talking about your beliefs on trade suddenly reversing themselves, not your beliefs on foreign policy.

Although, i would point out that you actually supported actions in Iraq, going as far as to call McCain’s plan “war winning”… In 2008.

But hey, if you believe in isolationism, that’s you… Although then i have to wonder why you think we should be spending as much on our military.


Let see how about 10 years of near zero interest rates, and very very easy money policy on the part of the Fed have encourage American business to expand their business, by borrowing cheap money. They have used that money to buy back stock. This has increase the wealth of both the top 1% but even ordinary American who seen bigger 401K balance and rising home prices. The wealth effect has increase consumer confidence and lead to increased consumption and demand for labor.

In addition, the expansion of the internet in to all aspect of modern live has lead to increase productivity. It has enable business to reduce the need to labor, and decrease the need for inventories. This has resulted in record corporate profits.

None of this has anything to do with the occupant of the Oval Office.


No kidding. The facts and the data changed my opinion by about 2009. It obviously had nothing whatsoever to do with Trump. Insofar as Trump wants to get our troops out of the Middle East, I support him 100%. What about you? Do you think we should be fighting wars in the Middle East, or is your opinion dependant on what side Trump is on?


Yes, I think we should be in the middle east, just as I did before. Because it’s a critical aspect of our national security, and we cannot simple cede it to the Russians.

Further, we cannot continue Trump’s plan of just abandoning all of our allies. Ditching the Kurds and leaving them to be murdered by Turkey is not a good plan. No one is going to trust us any more. You’ll just be pushing everyone toward Putin and his thugs.

And it’s not like our presence there is some immense cost for us. We’ve lost a total of… FIVE men in the region. Only 2 in combat operations. We don’t have a huge presence there.

But again, since you don’t think we should be anywhere… then why did we need to expand our military spending?

I’m fairly hawkish, and don’t oppose military spending. But it’s because the US military does stuff that no other military does. It’s because we have a global presence. That’s what causes the high cost.

But you want to pull back… so why the increase in military spending?

And again, you have chosen (consciously, I’m sure) to ignore the actual context of Trump’s choice to withdraw from the middle east. You didn’t deal with the fact that he announced it after talking with a dictator, and then TWEETED the policy change, without consulting our military.

That is not a reasonable way to make that kind of decision. Even if you were to agree with the position of pulling our military out, that’s STILL the wrong way to do it.


China. That’s why. Taiwan, South Korea, Japan. Trying to create democracy in the middle east is a fool’s errand. Deterring China from invading our allies in Asia is a different matter.


But Trump wants to pull out of South Korea, and all of our allies in the Pacific think they can’t trust us either.

And he pulled us out of the TPP, which would have helped strengthen our ties in the region and formed a firewall against Chinese influence.

And you still didn’t answer if you believed Trump’s belief about Afghanistan.

And you ignored again that Trump pulled us out of the middle East (or maybe not, who knows what he actually ends up doing) after a phone call with a dictator.


This. Also, deterrence does not mean deployment.


You guys are so easy. Stop feeding him.


I, too, have no interest in distinguishing between different sources of information. A 9/11 conspiracy theorist and a Noble Prize winning scientist both offer equally valuable perspectives.

Context is for the weak.


No it isn’t. Whataboutism is using a logical fallacy to discredit an argument. I haven’t seen a single person contesting the employment numbers you posted, beyond stating that its a lagging indicator, which it is.

What is being done is pointing out your posting history showing that you avoid talking about anything that makes you and the Trump Administration look bad, and that you only show up whenever there’s something positive to report and vanish when the economic negatives of Trump’s policies are being discussed.

Oh, and all of that is garnished in your whining about the ‘tone’ of the discussion, which conveniently happens every time you get called out on your shit.


Back on topic…


Stop paying attention to that Trump or Putin SAYS. Pay attention to what they DO.


It kinda looks like it budged.

Try a narrower timescale, one that includes the period since the tax cuts through now.


He doesn’t even know what a trade deficit is. I mean, be serious.



Another “I can’t believe the snake bit me!” story. Sorry for his workers, but fuck that guy.


World’s smallest violin and all that.


I have all the sympathy in the world for his poor workers. As always, it’s the small folk who get screwed.

This guy, though? Fuck this guy.