Task Force Admiral - a WW2 PTO carrier battles simulator

Looks absolutely beautiful!

The graphics in air combat have improved a tad since the early days.


Sid Meier’s F-15 Strike Eagle.

I’m pretty sure I already told you guys to take my money.

This looks incredible. Can’t wait to play it.

Thank you very much for the kind comments guys :)


Our steam update is still in the works, but the main event is posted already, so why not just send it your way:
A few minutes of very early gameplay, hope the local grognards will enjoy the ride :)

Looking very cool!

I want this, mostly because it looks so frickin’ cool, but also because I’ll finally be able to uninstall the fascinating but utterly confounding Aircraft Carrier Survival. :)


Oh wow wow wow!

The amount of work that needed to be put in for this to all work cleanly must have been enormous.

BTW, I can’t remember, but have you shown bombing runs on ships, while the ships are defending themselves with AA yet?

Wow! Thank you for the nice words Tom! Always feels great to get noticed by the local royalty ^^
Cheers. And hopefully yeah, see you soon on your hard drive! Thanks again :)

Thank you all for your kind words chaps, much appreciated. It always warms the heart :)

That gameplay trailer from a couple weeks ago… We gave it a big facelift with a voice over & some extra trivia + a few new gameplay sequences. Come have a look!
Sounds more dramatic too… Enjoy!

Oh. So. COOL.

Very nice!

Take my money. Give me the game now!

During the Steam/Matrix sales I looked at several other naval games, but they all looked so clunky and primitive compared to TFA, I ended up passing on them.

Looks amazing, almost too good to be true.

Also I weirdly got some homeworld vibes watching that.

Much better - it was hard to follow to previous video - the text moved on too fast and the colour of the text merged into the background.

Thank you all again for your kind words ;)
A new little feature today, with an interview with Wolfpack

I am not much of a good orator and the exercise was new to me, but it was new to him too, so we were in good hands :P


I could watch those Wildcats take off from the Yorktown all day. :)

About the title being niche as mentioned in the video. If it turns out as great as it’s looking you’ll have evangelists here who will spread the word to help sales :)