Task Force Admiral - a WW2 PTO carrier battles simulator

Impressive. I like the nods to War in the Paciic / Admirals Edition at the end of the update. Also, the task force names use some of the same nomenclature as WITP: “Air Combat TF,” “Replenishment TF,” etc. Someone on the design team has played WITP, I suspect, which is good news, as WITP gets a whole lot of things right.

Aye it is gameplay. Well, pre-placed items in the editor (I don’t really have nor plan to have “get up there and do a fly-over” mission type available to the player as a command instruction…) for the sake of running the performance test. It would be rare also in-game to have any carrier TF stop in the middle of nowhere ^^

As for WitP, of course, gotta give credit to the elders. The TF system is certainly inspired from it (or more like, felt like the natural choice based on our own gamer’s experience), including in regard of the overall presentation going for icons to convey their mission, but some of the most specific missions are managed as tasks for the task force, rather than being their own task force (for instance, Bombardment is to be seen as a mission, not as a Task Force type, same probably with other subaltern tasks like mine warfare, ASW, etc…). Game being tactical in nature, a number of TF types also don’t need to be out there for lack of a need.

Cheers, thanks for the kind words all :)

I’m afraid I have some unkind words for this project. You guys aren’t working hard enough, torturing us with these amazing updates and dangling the promise of utopian gaming days to come. Time and time again, we come to this thread, hoping for a release date, only to leave disappointed and hollow, bent and bowed by the soul crushing nihilism of our daily lives.

This is premeditated, unrelenting cruelty. You should be ashamed of yourselves!

Well at the end of the day, tough love is still love, isn’t it :P
More seriously, we’re torturing ourselves too, so no worries, we’re all in the same ordeal. Or at least the same torture chamber. Be certain that we’ll do what we can to get it out of the oven ASAP (and preferably not undercooked…) ^^


hehe yeah. But as you’ll see now below, we’re not the only ones in the same boat anymore ^^

So, I am back with our monthly spammin’ session. Here’s the latest entry, all warm from the oven. We talk AI, GUI, little (blue & khaki) men, rivets: the usual intel!

There you go:

Enjoy the cruise ya’ll and have a great Friday - and a grandiose weekend too!

Our new Task Force Admiral dev update for October is live! With a few extra pics even those following us on our social platforms haven’t seen just yet - & a lot of gibberish too. But no worries, if you’re into PTO carriers, you’ll probably like it still! :coolsmiley:
Big thanks in advance for all the shares & likes on Steam! Rest assured that It always helps :smitten:

Cheers & enjoy


Looks like it’s coming along beautifully!

Oh, just imagine if you could get the IL-2 folks on board to make the air battles flyable, in conjunction with the strategic elements. It’d be like 1942:PAW for the 21st Century!

(Not that I’m not excited for what you’re actually doing, mind you! I just see those planes and I want to jump in!)

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It’s lasted well over a year for me. Sadly, there isn’t much call for fat 60+ year-old guys in the adult entertainment, even if we can maintain a hard-on for a year.

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Fair enough, but Wombat started it, and since I doubt JMJ is reading this thread, I feel a compulsion to take discussions to the gutter some days.

We can’t bring JMJ into it as that’s getting into the pro leagues. We’re…bush league here.

Unless we’re Brazilian…

Point for Gryffendor!

I independently wishlisted this without seeing this thread.

Excited to see this come out.

There isn’t a lot currently in the WW2 Naval space at all. DCS doesn’t have much WW2, the current IL2 is much more focused on the European theater. There are a lot of people still modding IL2 1946 to get that carrier battle feel.

There are a few games coming out