Task Force Admiral - a WW2 PTO carrier battles simulator

Hello everybody!

A little highlight today regarding the latest work from our 3D artist. As we head into an important week for all of us, I thought it was proper to show how far we got in every department so far. Here’s pretty much 50% of our fleet done so far, including sub variants for all the types in here. Still a long way to go of course, and a lot of paint to throw around, but it’s still arguably better than nothing, if I dare say ^^

Cheers, and enjoy the day, all of you!


Looks incredible. Love the variety of ship types.

Hi everybody! And thank you for the kind words - best feedback in the world for a small indie dev, as always :)

Enjoy our little homage to Hornet & the Doolittle Raiders coming your way, gentlemen, courtesy of our latecoming April dev update :notworthy:

That one will be available in a wallpaper format if there are some takers :)

Hornet & the Yorkies in general got some love indeed along the way - first, here’s Horny Maru in full 3D with her complement of raiders…

… and here along with her sisters, who are not going to be clones for a change. Yorktown, Enterprise (one of her configurations at least :sweat_smile:) and Hornet. Still some work to do, the radars are not there yet, but still better than nothing. I am proud to announce that we’re making the first game that gives them their own 3D model - besides whatever warship girl games might have come up with of course :stuck_out_tongue:

The usual mandatory dev blog update is on its way and should show up soon, so see you there, hopefully :)

Spectacular, truly

Thank you!

And here are a few new screens - we’re getting close to the next update, these will keep the good vibes going on :)

I realized later on that I had unintentionally mimicked the intro of 1942: The Pacific Air War. Some Freudian affair right there I guess :P

Looks fantastic!


Seconded. I have a niggling fear that this game will Paradox* me - everything written on the tin says I will love this game, but I turn out to be incapable of actually playing it :-(

(*Crusader Kings 2, EU IV)

Don’t worry, we made sure to make the game difficulty and complexity scalable - if you have the brains to use this forum, I am quite sure you’ll have what it takes to play our game @calelari ;)

Our humble store page is up, please don’t hesitate to check and say hi :)

Cheers and thank you for your support :)

Holy camole wishlisted. So excited for this!

Is the Bismarck in it? Asking for a friend.


Hehe not just yet, unfortunately your friend might need to wait a couple volumes to replay Denmark Strait - but supporting us on the way there can’t hurt I guess ;)

Thank you for your kind support, fellow Frogkin!

Hello there, ladies & gentlemen!

A nice little piece by Magz about the spirit of our game, with some new original footage to boot! He sure knows his trade, and those who are into carriers will appreciate his knowledgeable commentary.

And we also had the honors of being covered by them gentlemen of good taste from Single Malt Strategy. Looking forward providing them with some actual content rather sooner than later :)

Wow that’s impressive!

Thank you, kind Sir ;)
Hello there Ladies & Gents! Time for another small-ish update

Plenty of new stuff around! Please feel free - and very welcome - to drop a wishlist click if you are in a generous mood :)

Enjoy the sightseeing :slight_smile:

Oh my!

You dirty bunch!