Tax help!

OK, I’m sitting here trying to do my taxes, and figure out if I can get any of the money I spent on tuition for college last year back. As a part time student I’ spent about $2ooo on tuition last year and would love to get at least a small amount of that back. Any of you guys know anything about 2002 tax laws, or a good website that offers helkp? Thanks.

PS, I honestly go brain dead when I start reading the tax jargon, so if anyone has advice, could you please keep it to laymen terms. :oops:

Sorry that I don’t have an answer to your question, but I have been using Turbo Tax for some time and quite frankly, it is worth every nickle I spend on it. It took me a half an hour to do my taxes on Saturday and that program guided me through every step of the way. Plus, when I e-filed, they’ll direct deposit my return in a couple of weeks.

I think there was another thread complaining about it recently, but I have used it for four years and I’ve never had a problem. It especially helped me find some savings on some moving expenses this year. Oh, and I got Quicken for free with it at Best Buy. So, Turbo Tax would be my suggestion.

Use the 1040EZ thing, it’s only like $10.

This is the page you want. You get a credit for tuition under either the Hope or lifetime learning things.

best buy has a sale this week where you can purchase ms money 2003 and taxcut, both free after mail in rebate. they do this every year.

Thanks guys. Looks like I’ll be stopping by Best Buy tomorrow.