Tax Reform Under Trump 2017


I actually have a tiny amount of respect for Corker. He actually backed up his belief in no to more debt. Of course, it didn’t matter cause the bill still passed. And, of course, he’s retiring.

But as to the rest of the GOP, a pox on their houses.


Awesome, so if the house and senate reach agreement in the conference committee, that bill has to go back to each and be voted on:


Counterpoint from Josh Marshall:

This could kill the GOP in 2018, and it could be completely reversed in 2020.

It could kill the GOP in 2018 because it could be completely reversed in 2020.

“Repeal and replace” just took on a new meaning.



Yeah, yeah. The @ArmandoPenblade in me would like to remind that you that American voter is fucking stupid and Fox News (and SCROTUS) is going to spin this 24/7 blaming the Democrats and the average Fox News viewer is certainly dumb enough to believe them.


If the American public was dumb enough to put these cretins (not just Trump, but Congress too) in power in the first place, they’re dumb enough to buy the right wing spin on this law. It won’t hurt them; by November 2018 the chattering classes will be the only ones who even remember it, and they’ll be busy talking about the current shiny object.


You don’t need 100% outrage.

If only 10% of Republicans with a tax increase get pissed off and don’t vote in 2018 or 2020, the GOP is toast.


Wait. So FOX News viewers might continue to vote for Republicans?


Hadn’t thought of that possibility.


I think these words should be banned until the GOP controls fewer than 3 branches of government, 30 governors’ mansions, and half of all state legislatures.


I’m pretty sure the parents of the 9 million children who have lost insurance due to CHIP ending, and the graduate students who had to drop out of school because they can’t pay the taxes on tuition, and the coal miners who still don’t have jobs, etc, etc will all remember and hopefully be yelling a lot.


The coal miners didn’t notice that Trump was promising them rainbows and unicorns, so why would they complain about some abstruse mathy stuff that can be spun as ‘good for the economy, hey look shiny transgender war on Christmas!’?

Our electorate is dumb, folks. Sorry to be the one to break it to y’all. If they weren’t, we wouldn’t have to utter the Lovecraftian paradox of ‘President Trump’ every day.


True, but they’ll notice if they still don’t have rainbows and unicorns. Then they’ll hopefully feel betrayed, cause they have been.


Yet another fresh hot take.

Can’t wait until Governor Gillespie is sworn into office here in Virginia next month.


Nothing fresh about it. It’s been blatantly obvious for years.


Or worse, war on NK/Iran/brown people, or another 9/11.


And yet you felt like you had to “break” it to us, as if your lazy, idiotically facile hottake was some found fucking nugget wisdom.


You’re in a mood, dude. Have a nice night.


I’m not in a mood to happily accept stupidity in the form of schleprock-ism,

Enjoy your rain cloud. May it follow you well.


You have my vote. The optimism I leave to others. That’s what November 2016 did to me.