Tax Reform Under Trump 2017


Anyone in Congress can be impeached and removed by Congress. It’s the same procedure as removing the President, except the Chief Justice doesn’t have to preside over the trial.

Otherwise, you’ll have to vote him out.


Not really. Impeaching a president requires both houses of congress. Expulsion only requires the house the person is in. It also requires a 2/3rd majority - you can’t kick out a member of the house of representatives with a simple majority, but you can start impeachment with a simple majority.


Some quotes from that Quinnipiac polls document:


QPac poll also giving generic Democrats a +14 lead right now for Congress. That’s high.


I’m tired of hearing Republicans telling me how much money these “tax cuts” are going to save me. Sure, maybe I’ll see a bit less in taxes for the next few years…but I’ll also be spending far more than I save in additional health insurance premiums for my family because of the way this bill fucks with the ACA, additional monthly expense to my internet bill thanks to Net Neutrality repeal and a host of other minor things Republicans are either doing directly or not considering the effects of as they pass legislation scribbled on cocktail napkins in the dead of night.

And there is that: Remember the Republican outrage, wailing and gnashing of teeth that happened during the passing of the ACA? How Republican leaders stood up and decried such legislative sneakiness to be completely unconstitutional and morally apprehensible? Yeah, just another prime example of Conservative Republicans condemning something they then end up being far more guilty of themselves.


IMHO, it shows how bad McConnell is at actually Governing. This GOP attempt to do everything via reconciliation is illustrating how stupid they are.


This would mean much more if not for the words “generic” and “right now” in that statement. Sure it’s good news, but it has to carry over months to the election and specific Democrats have to avoid fucking it up.


Yeah, the increased insurance premiums and internet bills* are going to more than make up for the vaunted tax cuts unless you’re one of the fatcats.

*The “cableTV-ization” of everyone’s internet service is not far off. “For only 20 dollars a month more, you can access sites like YouTube and Pandora, or go for the Deluxe Package for 50 more and you can stream Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime Video! (subscriptions sold separately).”


Here’s the thing: we have historical data year over year to compare that on. Based on polling data from the past 17 years, a 14 point lead on a generic congressional ballot has happened on four occasions: 2002, 2006, 2008, and 2010. And in all but one of those cases, it was below 14 points.

This is kind of in uncharted waters.


Everything since 2016 is uncharted waters. I find it hard to believe any predictions these days.


My days of trusting predictions died Nov 2016.


The best pollsters were pretty accurate. Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by 3 million.


Don’t play with my feelings, man. It still hurts. :(


And how did pollsters do with you know the important vote, electoral college votes?


In fairness, it was impossible for pollsters to predict Comey’s memo or foretell its impact even if they had with any accuracy.


Pretty well. Unfortunately the Comey memo coming out a week before changed the landscape just enough. Late polls by some reliable outfits clearly showed that Wisconsin and Pennsylvania were tight. In any event, a handful of late polls had final results well within their MOE.

The biggest issue with 2016 in retrospect seems to be pundits discarding polling numbers that didn’t fit with their narrative that Trump couldn’t win.


And the Clinton machine.


I don’t know what that has to do with polling numbers being misinterpreted.


I think he was just saying it was among the biggest issues, lol


Well, the Campaign ignored the polling numbers in states that they thought were safe, as I recall.