Taxinaut - Space Cab Simulator - I Am a Meat Popsicle (Early Access)

I figured it was time to take this to a separate thread out of the space game thread. This is a space taxi driving game in a massive open world (and I mean massive, thousands of populated systems) and it’s just AMAZING.

I usually hold off playing early access games but I can’t stop playing this one. It even runs on my potato of a laptop. So please do check it out.

Edit: Forgot about the manual! TAXINAUT MANUAL

OMG this game has WASD controls y’all. I had no idea. Might make it easier for some of y’all.

The dev just released a video of tips for new players.

I miss the OG Space Taxi:

I’d never heard of Space Taxi until all this.

Are you an Uber-noober to space taxi games? Say it ain so! : )

Nonono I love space games with taxi missions in them.

Pretty fun C64 game for the time - it even had speech synthesis!

Yeah it looks fun! I totally would’ve played it had I owned a Commodore.

A few hours in now and this isn’t great. It’s a taxi game where it’s exceedingly difficult to find fares and when you do find one, there’s a decent chance it’ll take you into a dead end - a planet with no star port and no traders selling anti-graviton charges, meaning your only way out then is suicide.

The planet also won’t have a bank, so you’ll have to set fire to whatever money you’re holding because you lose anything you haven’t banked on suicide.

A shame really.

I ran into this, so I loaded an earlier save and then found the anti-graviton charges. It still needs work, but the dev is aware of that.

Friends, I was asked to stream the game to give insight into how it plays, so I did so this morning and I hope it’s okay if I share it.

I had a chuckle when I found this


He also didn’t have anti-graviton charges

Hehehehee If you follow the be a taxinaut questline, as I did in the video, you unlock the ability to buy anti-graviton charges at home!! Super useful!

Looking forward to watching

Awesome, thank you!

Thoughts from watching podcast and stream:

I’m not sure having thousands of worlds is a positive

I feel like the much of the information the dev showed you could access, like whether a planet you are asked to travel to has a spaceport, should be more readily visible when you are looking at a fare, without diving into menus for it.

You should receive a warning before booking passage to a planet without a starport if you have no graviton charge and no ability to teleport.

Yamo shouldn’t be the starting planet, or there should be less congestion

I love games where you start out in a crappy ship and work your way up to something really badass. Here, while I know you can get your own ship and some equipment, I’m not sure that progression really exists

Kind of curious what the rationale is for not knowing where planets and POIs are, given the tech level

Why have planets without readily obvious fares on them (like when you spent so much time flying around Xaapenis)? Why have planets without starports?

You’ve said this is a very chill game. The space between planets suggests that. Other things not so much.

Overall, it seems really interesting, I’m just not sure it seems like fun.

Fair. I’m having a ton of fun with it. The dev is also open to suggestions so I’ll show him your post. Thank you!

Cool. I had planned to add more to that post, but needed to finish it. I haven’t finished the stream. It probably sounds negative but I don’t intend it that way.

Nono I didn’t take it that way. Your concerns are valid and I’m sure the dev will want to read them.