Taxinaut - Space Cab Simulator - I Am a Meat Popsicle (Early Access)

Just making sure. I kind of had to post in a rush without any sort of summation.

No worries at all. I may love the game but I’m excited for suggestions to make it better.

So the dev added a “laid-back” version of the starting planet, Yamo, to hopefully make the game more accessible to newer players. I hope this helps with anyone having issues with the game.

I’m delighted about that, because the Yamo system was a terrible on-ramp for new players and made me not want to play the game.

Yeah other players made similar complaints. I’m glad the dev is open to making changes like this.

So I bought my first actual home in the game and its great. No more rent AND a warp beacon to zoom right back home.

Friends, the game got a pretty big patch today that should make progression smoother. It looks great!