TBS games that can be played in 10-15 minutes in MP

This came up on my Twitter- a friend of mine wanted a game like that, he wants to get into TBS, wants to do MP, but wants it fairly quick.

Faeria could kinda fit this- but it’s more deckbuilder than TBS game right now.

Does anyone have any good suggestions?

Hero Academy
Pox Nora
Frozen Synapse

I assume the Shenanoah games take a little longer than that, but maybe worth considering:
Battle of the Bulge
Drive on Moscow

Sorry, bit of a mobile/tablet bias there, but a few of them are cross platform.

Moonbase Commander!

Wabash Cannonball

I agree, this game is great fun.

Someone needs to port Moonbase Commander over to iOS.

Frozen Endzone is also available now in beta that’s pretty much complete in turns of multiplayer.