Teaching jerks to behave with Strife

Title Teaching jerks to behave with Strife
Author Nick Diamon
Posted in Games
When August 8, 2013

S2 Games, creators of Heroes of Newerth, want to tackle rudeness and jerky behavior with Strife, their "second-generation" MOBA game..

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I like those elements. Hardcore and casual players don't have to be mortal enemies.

If Guild Wars 2 was able to encourage supportive behavior through its design, some MOBA developer will eventually do the same with their genre. Strife is a step in the right direction.

'Strife' seems somewhat of a misnomer, perhaps they should call their new game 'can't we all just get along.' I hope they consider adding in the 'preset buys' used by Smite too. In fact, if they could focus their design and marketing on making it clear that this game is for 'casual noobs', they might be able to get some decent market share. I know I would play it.

Gah, Smite! That's why I thought this game was already out. I was confusing it with Smite. "Can't you already play this?" I thought.

I guess you don't play GW2 sPvP much because the chat in matches is as vile as any other MOBA.

Aww, that's too bad. I do play sPvP from time to time, but I don't think anyone's ever talked to me. Maybe it's because I just jump into the quickmatches.

But it gets pretty bad in there?

If this is gonna try to beat League of Legends and Dota 2, it better have a LOT of cool features. Enhanced community is nice, but both of the aforementioned games have been making steps in that direction(LOL with its tribunal, Dota 2 with it's nameless reporting system). While I'd love to see this succeed, the odds that it will do so, especially considering the failure of HoN, are minute. Tower offense games are the new WoW clones, and there will be just as many failures.

Muting all chat is the #1 first step whenever I join a LoL game. Pretty much everything that needs to be said can be done by specific pings now. You don't miss out on any strategizing and it saves you a ton of headache.

One thing that would make the genre a lot less toxic is not being directly rewarded with XP and gold when you kill an enemy hero, or at least having severely diminishing rewards for repeatedly killing a hopeless player. People probably wouldn't get quite as upset over other people dying with that change.

In-game reporting systems or tribunals are not going to replace The first 7 years.

Also Malikan and S2 management ruined the HoN and the community with lies,stupid decisions and failed promises.My sympathy goes to all in S2 involved in the making of the most interesting heroes,mechanics and art in all Dota clones.