Team Fight Tactics - Riot's Auto Chess, TFT

Hi all as it is going to live I’d like to share for french people a tutorial I made:

Hey Ludovic,

As a French speaker myself, I’ll check it out. Posters here prefer if you do not only post to promote your own content though. So make sure to stick around. Hope you can provide some tips post release.

Obviously I am here to help anyone even in English :) Glad to hear.
If you have any question, feel free to ask. I am far to be an expert as I play more for fun strategy than playing OP champ, but I am ready to give any tips if I can.

What’s that pink pokemon/pomeranian/owl thing? It’s cute!

Those are little legends, I think. We will we able to buy them. They are your avatar in TFT.

Ohh so it’s a new thing, not a LOL thing. I haven’t played since Darius came out.

@wisefool Since the introduction of poros and how it works well, they wanted again to create little thing people would fall in love and so buy skin on it

Poros? It’s working for me. Takemymoney.fry

Watching some streamers today, the queue times seem horrible right now. Watching one person right now at 10m+ in the queue. Another player was over 2m when I switched streams. Not sure what the heck Riot is doing, but that is ridiculous.

My son was queuing for 3-6 hours on PBE, so I guess that’s already an improvement? :)

More seriously, I think today is only a release on smaller servers (Japan and ?). If everybody made accounts to play there, it’s no wonder the queue is flooded.

Tomorrow and Thursday morning European time, USA and EU servers will be brought online too. that should dilute the queues.

I’m sure the first week will still be insane though.

I need to find a guide on items, how they combine and tips on using them. I know most of them by name from watching League. But I play so little that I’ve mostly forgotten their stats and purpose except for some support items.

Can’t wait to give it a try this week-end. It’s going to be a fun time losing horribly while I learn.

It should be available in NA today. I can see it in the client as an option to play, but I haven’t jumped in yet. It looks like EU and RU should be today as well (the 26th).

Oh, you are right! We are Wednesday, not Tuesday. Work has been so crazy I don’t quite know when I am anymore.

I’ve seen this mentioned for items:


Also a dump of links and resources:

TFT: u may deign to queue for an hour or two to play our game, peasant

Me: lol yea or play underlords now

TFT: but then you won’t get to enjoy your favorite league characters in a battle for suprema please come back

I’m queued now… gotta know what the game is like so I know whether to spend my time on TFT or Underlords. My skills don’t allow me to learn both :P

EDIT: Okay, really really raw and uninformed first-glance opinions:

  • A bit faster game overall
  • Underlords has a superior UI. Everywhere. Even though I’d never played Auto Chess, I was quickly able to understand what I was looking at in Underlords. I find TFT much more “cluttered” feeling. Some UI elements are very small too - I like the slightly ‘larger’ style of things (old man eyes, and no, not just the mobile interface but PC interface too). Even the board feels bigger.
  • The characters are more detailed here, but that make it harder for me to identify them. I feel this is just my unfamiliarity and would get better with time.

A lot of the rest is quite comparable. Things work much the same way. Will have to try again, but 30min queue times are silly. And no bot mode.

I just played my first game and had a similar experience. I like that it’s faster / shorter. The first half of a Dota Underlords match is pretty boring, whereas TFT seems to ramp up really quickly. However, the UI is so much worse I don’t think I’ll play it until they improve it, which I’m sure they will.

It’s funny that already there’s some basics I’ve come to expect in a genre where two of the games just came out. Still, it’s really rough not having the damage display rankings of your units. Not highlighting units you already own in the picking UI. Only showing the race / class as symbols without color differences for quicker reading. No highlight on units that will fill out a race / class combo. The ring picking is a cool idea, but weird UI issues again if you don’t already who these characters are and how they’ll help. It exacerbates the previous UI issues and you’re supposed to be racing to your preferred unit which amplifies it further.

All that said, actually sharing a fight with your opponent is really cool. I played with a friend and when we matched it was fun talking about how our matchups were or weren’t working. I wish that was in the other games.

Apparently they have a hotfix rolling out that is supposed to deal with the queue times. The client says they introduced a 1h30m queue delay for server stability.

I’ve heard that Autochess for Dota 2 was actually inspired by a Warcraft 3 mod that used Pokemon as the mobs.