Team Fortress 2 included w/ Half Life 2?

The title says it all…

What are the chances that we may see TF2 bundled w/ Half Life 2 as part of the games multiplayer component? It would make perfect sense since the development of TF2 has been as long as the sequel to Half Life. And Valve has been tight lipped about TF2 development. Just like they were with HL2. In this months issue of PC Gamer they vagely mention the posibility that TF2 might be included w/ Half Life 2. Can anyone confirm this?

I guess we will find out at E3.

I give it about a 0% chance.

Wake up…your dreaming.

i don’t think it’s that outrageous to think that it might be included in the box or released as a free add on later. valve has perfected the art of leveraging the core fanbase into a continuing stream of mad cash from mainstream customers. why do you assume they will want to change the model that has worked so well for them? especially considering that there is a lot more competition these days for the attention of the multiplayer and mod communities, which were key to their success. they can afford to provide a metric ton of value in hl2, and can easily justify it as a play to give the game 5+ year longevity just like the original.

True, but they can likely do that without giving away TF2 as a freebie with Half-Life 2, so where’s the incentive?

The pattern has been to move mods to retail, but that has not happened with TF. I expect TF2 will be the next retail SKU, but will not have a phase where it is a free download since the community is already in place from TF. I’m curious what will happen with Natural Selection. From watching GameSpy stats, it runs about half as many players as TF, making it fourth among HL mods. It doesn’t seem to be growing much or to have caught on much. The players I know are devoted, though.

Edited to prove I know the difference between “third” and “fourth.” #1=CS #2=DoD #3=TF #4=NS.

Valve is generous but not stupid. TF2 has a sort of AAA retail cache attatched to it and I doubt they’ll just hand it over as a free component of HL2.

It doesn’t exist. Valve can rot in hell for that.

what do u mean it doesn’t exist? In the PC Gamer article Valve even stated that they’re going to start the announcement process for TF2 after they’re done with HL2’s announcements. And in a different article I read that TF2 is using HL2’s engine, and when Valve decided on that they stopped announcing TF2 to keep the new engine under wraps.

Therefore TF2 does exist.

Think I’ve mentioned it here but I remember hearing that TF2 and CS 2 were ging to be released to retail as a single product.

Let me put it to you this way:

Last post was over 2 YEARS AGO

I’m a huge TF fan and I got duped by chubby trent reznor and his gang of hooligans when half-life was released, I don’t want to get my hopes up again.

i hope tf2 tops bf42… because thats what it has to beat… ya know? TF is old news now.

just wait for ofp2 anyways.


I think I’m getting too old to be 1337 anymore.