Team fortress Two delayed! (and HL2:EP2..)

This makes the third delay since its been packaged with Episode 2, though probably the first “official” delay. When TF2 was first shown I imagine it would win the race against DNF. I’m having my doubts.

damn, I was so sure TF2 would be awesome… when I was in high school.

I’m so surprised. PC developers, get your shit together! If Rockstar can tell you the exact fucking day their game is coming out ten months from now, you should be able to at least do half.

I don’t see why they can’t just release Portal in the mean time to make us all feel better.


I’m the only one to suspect the price to rise with every delay?


You babies. Every delay is a chance to knock a couple more games off the to-play backlog. Yes, you all have one.

Since I traded out almost every single PS2 and Xbox game I had, I don’t. Why do you think I play the Crackdown demo three times a night?

Would this be the final nail in the coffin for the idea of “episodic content”?

I mean, seriously. How long will it be between Episodes 1 and 2?



Sam and Max is doing ok, but this and Sin, not so good. At least with this, you were getting so much crap. The 360 version comes with HL2, Ep 1, Ep 2, Portal, Team Fortress 2, and maybe CS:S if there’s a God, for $60. Even if you’ve played HL2 and Ep1 that’s a decent deal. If you haven’t, holy crap.

not even close. consider how long valve USUALLY takes between projects.

this is episodic for them.

if the sales are decent, I don’t see why this doesn’t make for a much more stable cash flow for them.

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WTF is a console gamer doing in this thread?


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I think it all comes down to how you define “episodic.” Based on comments they’ve made, it’s clear Valve views the HL2 episodes as HL3. Rather than taking 2-3 years to make a full game using the Source engine, they are releasing it in segments every year or so.

We have to contrast that with the general concept most of us have that “episodic” means releases every six months or so.

I don’t mind the bundling of stuff at retail but I will be annoyed if Valve forces me to spend $30 for a downloaded Eps. 2 that includes TF2 and Portal.

Well the concept I have is “episodic” means every week, but that’s from TV. What everyone’s doing with games (excepting Sam & Max) isn’t even close. Tarantino didn’t call Kill Bill episodic. He just released two halves of a movie a few months apart and called it Vol.1 and 2. Maybe that’s what Valve should do instead of try to infer a schedule by using the term episodic.

Yeah, it took them, what, six years to make Half Life 2? This ain’t so bad.

I disagree. I’d rather play a complete game experience, even if it takes 6 years to get it, than play a “To be continued…” segment every year and a half to two years. If the length of time between releases of episodic content is so long that I can barely remember what happened in the previous episode without replaying it by the time the new episode is out, there is a huge problem. Of course, this is subjective, so I’m not assuming this is true for everyone, but it is for me.

I remember when I was little the feeling of being jipped when my cartoon ended with “to be continued”. In this regard I haven’t grown up much.

Well the concept I have is “episodic” means every week, but that’s from TV.

Thats one of my problems, they use a term thats already defined as once a week and apply it to an annual release schedule.