Team Fortress Two

I was surprised at how awesome and just slick it looks. It’s been a long while since I was into this sort of game, and I rarely give a rats ass about graphics, but I’m tempted to pick it up just to see it in action. Especially if they’ve fixed the lamer aspects of Team Fortress.

Don’t go dragging me into this. Also, I have no idea what you’re trying to say there from a grammatical perspective, and I think ProStyle’s made some valid points for his perspective and is being perfectly reasonable. It doesn’t sound fanboyish at all.

Oh no you didn’t…

“Get outta there, it’s gonna blow!”

You mean like complaining about developers trying to address perfect aim, not including broken features, not given him free maps, and claiming that changes he didn’t like were because “stupid newbs couldn’t handle it” rather than the actual case – people thought infection and conc-jumping were lame? Coming from an elitist player dissing anyone who disagrees as a “newb”?

Sounds exactly like a die-hard fan-boi to me. The sort who can’t stand any change to his baby, insisting it stay in a mythological pristine state, or change only as he wants it to. The sort who can’t see that developers have gone another way because they like it better, and/or because they realize that the hardcore fan-boi niche is small despite being vocal. I’m reminded immediately of “old school” Kohan and Tribes players, with their sense of entitlement, and the way they acted as if someone had pissed in their canteen.

Infection was lame, even in QWTF.

That looks really fun from the video; I’m curious as to how the performance compares to the original Half-Life 2 source mods such as CS:S.

I don’t understand the hostility at all. He explained the reason he doesn’t really enjoy CS or TFC much any more is because of the way Valve has handled issues, which does loosely fit the pattern of “we could fix this, or dump it. Let’s dump it!” He’s not being immature about it or coming across as entitled and elitist, he’s just explaining.
Anti-Bunny offers this retort:

Which is completely unproductive and unnecessary, and ProStyle calls him on it

and then proceeds to very calmly reiterate he’s just explaining what he doesn’t like

Emphasis mine. He’s been nothing but even tempered and reasonable, and somehow it sounds like it’s got you bent out of shape.

So, this is something that felt a little off when they said there wouldn’t be very many maps. Even if the community will generally consolidate into playing only a few maps, the extra choices allow the community to discover which maps are fun and which aren’t.

Saying people only ever play six maps so we are only going to include six maps defeats that process of discovery. Of course, when designing the new maps, they’ll look at why the old maps worked, but it sill feels like a potential loss overall.

Psh, kids these days. QWTF included no maps! And we liked it!

I really really hope one of the six is Hunted?

Okay, I just read the first part of the thread and I see that I already asked this question months ago, AND that it was answered. So. Now I feel stupid.

Having played the game for 2+ hours now, I’d like to note that it was really great. Not just visually, everything felt just right. I tried every class and all of them were fun, and they felt balanced - well, as far as one can tell based on such a short session with different opponents.



Sadly enough, not at home. GC 2007.