TeamSpeak vs GameVoice

is one better than the other? gamevoice has the restriction of needing some people to have a real (non-shareware) copy in order to go over a certain number of users in the channel. is the bandwidth/quality better in TeamSpeak?

I’ve always found GV to be significantly higher quality. But TS is free for everyone, and more people have it, I’ve found. For example, in PlanetSide, we’re using TS.

There’s a good program out called Ventrilo that my outfit uses. It does both voice activated and key activated chat.

My squad doesn’t use any of these. After much testing we found TeamSound v5.6 is the best.

The neat thing about Teamspeak is the choice of codecs. I’ve had no problems understanding people using the 16kbit GSM codec (unless you take some crazy European accents into account). The new version offers the speex codecs which Niels is very excited about :)