Tech Help - renaming files?


Uh, feel a bit sheepish asking this but I can’t figure it out. I’m setting up a website for a friend, and this is my first time doing so… anyway, she sent me a whole stack of images, which I uploaded to the server, and then I discovered that my html wasn’t linking to them properly… and I think I know why. She has “indexed” all the files by putting a number and a full-stop at the beginning of each file name, like so:

  1. Wave.JPG
  2. Island.JPG

…and so on. I think, as soon as it sees that “.”, it’s thinking, “ah ha, a file extension!”… and of course, " Wave.JPG" is not a proper file extension.

So… am I right in thinking this is the problem? And that I need to rename all those files?

In which case, I have another problem, because the mv command is not responding properly either, because… again, I think, it’s the same problem. having a full-stop and a space inside the filename is making it misunderstand what’s happening. Also, there’s a couple hundred of these and renaming them all by hand is going to make me crazy.

Any suggestions? Any help at all gratefully appreciated.

In your links, wherever there is a space, replace it with %20. HTML won’t interpret whitespace properly; %20 is the escape character to tell it “there’s a space there.”

Ah, thankyou, problem solved!