Tech support photo diary of stupid people tricks

OK, not strictly game related, but this guy worked for Gateway and put up a photo record of computers that came in for repair due to dumb things people do. Be sure and check out the roach in the computer shots.

Very funny! I’ve already passed it on to a fellow tech support guy. I’m sure it will make the rounds in our company.

Saw this about…3 months ago? Think it was linked off Blues.

I worked tech at a computer lab in college, and another tech had a story about an older guy who couldn’t get the scanner to work. The way he told it, the guy says to him, “I don’t know what the problem is, I put the paper on and press the button but it doesn’t work.” Tech guy says “ok, let’s take a look” and the guy leads him back to the computer he’s working on - not the scanner station - and proceeds to hold his paper up to the computer monitor and presses the on/off button. “See, nothing happens!”

Might have been one of those apocryphal stories, but I guarantee anyone who’s worked tech support has seen enough stupidity to believe it happened somewhere.

That’s some funny sh-t. Thanks for the link.

We once had a customer return a laptop packed in a box of buttered popcorn. The tech made the mistake of not specifying packing material.

We also had one come in with a family of baby gecko’s.