Technical help video. Prefer voice or text?

I’m going to make a little modding guide for some people, and am wondering if you’re learning something compu-technical. Do you like seeing the steps via text pop-ups, or hearing the instructions? The video itself will be animating the steps.

BTW, I voted moron.

Personally, both at the same time is nice, because you can pause it and the text is still on the screen. Hope that helps.

If we’re limiting this to a video then I don’t need for pop-ups, since I can listen while looking at whatever it is I’m modding. But even better than a video (for me) would be text with pictures/diagrams.


Yes, both. Perhaps elaborate a bit in the voiceover and present a condensed version in the subtitles.

Excellent, thanks guys.

I’m a visual learner, so reading the text helps me personally. I would suggest both, to cover both visual and auditory learners.