Technical Issue

I have a new laptop, installed steam, origin and uplay and all the games that i am playing.

The only change I have made to the system is updating the graphic card drivers to the latest version.

All the uplay games start but once the ubisoft logo video plays they all crash to the desktop.

The crew worked once because i played it on my tv for a bit but other than that nothing works.

I have posted to the uplay forums but wondered if anyone has any suggestions?

pah fixed it eventually, seems disabling the overlay has fixed it.

Might as well ask now, after don’t know how many years. What is “overlay”? I only know it’s something to do how a video is played.

It’s like the steam overlay which is shift+Tab the uplay one is shift+F2. It’s for teh social side like chatting in game etc

Oh I thought it was more technical, like an overlay surface (in DirectX?).