Slashdot had a posting up about extreme cord-cutting: moving into an RV and tooling around the countryside, while staying connected. Looks like there’s blogs, ebooks, and communities around the idea. I gotta say, it sounds incredibly cool to me. If I knew anything at all about RVs, I’d be seriously tempted. Any other QT3ers tried anything similar?—the-rv

This is me fixing your link. :)

I haven’t tried that. The idea has a certain appeal. I was doing contract work in a different city every week for a while when I was younger and was only home on the weekends. I hated paying for rent during that stretch. The married with kids lifestyle doesn’t lend itself well to that way of life though, I’d imagine.

Sounds pretty nasty to me. I’d much rather live inside a bubble-building in the middle of a heavily urbanized downtown area. Bubble-building so that no insects or animals of any sort ever, ever, ever get in. Downtown area because I suck at nature and rural living.

Props to the guys who go for it though. Some sort of weird Paul Bunyan/Allen thing, but whatever works :)

Plus side: The wild fire is moving this way, everyone in the RV. Yay we can escape having everything we own burned.

Minus side: RVs have that tornado target on them, don’t they?

Nah, trailer parks aren’t the same as RVs. An RV can drive out of the way of a tornado.

Only if you’re using the proper fuel additive. I know a guy if you’re interested.