Ted Stevens on downed plane

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Unfortunately, planes are not like a series of tubes.

Stay classy.

CNN is reporting that former NASA administrator Sean O’Keefe was on the plane. Apparently there were some survivors.

From the news reports, I can’t tell if there are survivors or not. People have reached the scene though. More news to come I’m sure.

EDIT: More news already…

Several people who were in the area are at the sight of the crash, the Anchorage Daily News reports.

“They’re not out there alone right now. There’s people that are providing support,” Hayes said. “From what I’m told, there are survivors on this aircraft. I don’t know how many could be fatalities at this point.”

Medical personnel are also at the scene, the Air National Guard said in a statement.

word up.

from what I got from the article, his wife didn’t sound like she was sure he was even on the plane.

More news.

The National Transportation Safety Board says it appears that five people were killed and four survived the Alaska crash of a small plane that was believed to be carrying former Sen. Ted Stevens and former NASA Administrator Sean O’Keefe.

The fate of Stevens and O’Keefe was not known.

I am hoping we can chalk up a miraculous survival to his Hulk tie.

Sources close to family say Stevens was killed.

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I knew we should have been more specific about which former Alaskan politician we wanted dead.

And in further classiness: We’ll be seeing Ted at the Rainbow Bridge to Nowhere! rimshot

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Man, that really sucks about the plane.

Not the first plane crash for Stevens.

On December 4, 1978, the crash of a Learjet 25C at Anchorage International Airport killed five people. Ted Stevens survived; his wife, Ann, did not. The building which houses the Alaska chapter of the American Red Cross at 235 East 8th Avenue in Anchorage is named the Ann Stevens Building in her honor.

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I knew I shouldn’t have put my chips on Mordrak.

In accordance with his wishes, his remains will be split up and put in a series of tombs.

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Series of tombs. Heh.

Yeah, I kinda feel bad for it, but I definitely laughed at that.